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Wednesday 24 Sep 2014

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BBC One brings top ratings to Christmas Day 2010

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The BBC enjoyed an excellent Christmas Day, with BBC One averaging over 10.2 million viewers in peak time (6-10.30pm), peaking at over 12.5m for the dramatic events in Albert Square in EastEnders.

Viewing headlines for the day include:

BBC One secured the top five most watched programmes

BBC One had eight of the top 10 shows on Christmas Day

Every programme on BBC One between 6pm and 10pm peaked at over 10m

BBC One all hour share (06.00-24.00) at 5.1m/30.4% was more than twice that of its nearest rival (ITV1: 2.7/14%)

BBC One Christmas Day figures

Time Programme Average Share 5 minute peak
2.00pm Top Of The Pops 4m 27.8% 5.5m
3.00pm The Queen 6.5m 38.7% 6.6m
3.10pm Shrek The Third 7.2m 41.9% 7.8m
4.30pm The Gruffalo 5.8m 31.7% 6.4m
5.00pm BBC News 7m 36.1% 7.1m
5.10pm The One Ronnie 7.9m 37.3% 9.5m
6.00pm Doctor Who 10.3m 39.8% 11.5m
7.00pm Strictly Come Dancing 9.4m 34.4% 10.9m
8.00pm EastEnders 11.4m 43.2% 12.5m
9.00pm The Royle Family 9.9m 38.6% 10.7m
10.00pm Come Fly With Me 10.3m 41.1% 10.4m


Overall top 10 shows on Christmas Day

EastEnders – 11.4m (43.2%)
Come Fly With Me – 10.3m (41.1%)
Doctor Who – 10.3m (39.8%)
The Royle Family – 9.9m (38.6%)
Strictly Come Dancing – 9.4m (34.4%)
Coronation Street – 9.0m (33.1%)
The One Ronnie – 7.9m (37.3%)
Shrek The Third – 7.2m (41.9%)
Emmerdale – 7.2m (27.9%)
BBC News – 7.0m (36.1%)

All hours share across all channels

BBC One – 30.4%
BBC Two – 5%
ITV 1 – 14%
Channel 4 – 5.1%
Five – 3.5%

Peak share across all channels (6.00-10.30pm)

BBC One – 39.2%
BBC Two – 5.9%
ITV 1 – 23.4%
Channel 4 – 3.2%
Five – 2.1%

BBC One Controller, Danny Cohen, said: "I'm delighted to see that BBC One was so popular on Christmas Day. With flying sharks on Doctor Who, festive glitz from Strictly, and brilliant new comedy in Come Fly With Me, we aimed to offer something for everyone on this special day."

BBC Director of Vision, Jana Bennett, added: "To peak at over 12.5 million viewers is a great achievement for EastEnders. I've been very proud of all the programming across the BBC this Christmas and with treats still to come including Upstairs Downstairs on BBC One and Eric And Ernie on BBC Two, I hope viewers will continue to spend the festive period with us."

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