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Wednesday 29 Oct 2014

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The Dangerous Pleasures Season on BBC Three

The Dangerous Pleasures Season on BBC Three follows young people's pursuit of pleasure, and the potentially darker consequences at the heart of extreme lifestyles.

A range of documentaries from the perspective of young people will explore subjects including the impact of drugs and alcohol on the body, and the risks around unprotected sex.

Sun, Sex And Suspicious Parents
4 January, 9pm, BBC Three

BBC Three is about to throw open the doors on the ultimate rite of passage for the average teenager – the first ever summer holiday abroad without the parents. But what these teenagers couldn't possibly have guessed is that whilst they enjoy their first taste of freedom, with all its temptations and excesses, they are being secretly watched. Their parents will be observing their every move from behind the scenes. It will be an eye-opening experience, but will it bring them closer together or drive them further apart?

Each week two sets of parents join forces travelling to favourite teenage destinations on a mission to observe their kids, without being discovered. They'll bravely go where parents dared not go before. Armed with binoculars, earpieces and video access, they'll go to the biggest super-clubs, the loudest bars, rowdy booze cruises and erotic strip clubs, on a mission to observe their teens at play with the hope of getting a better understanding of their children.

With their teenage kids on the brink of adulthood, for five days the parents are there every step of the way, secretly making sure their teens are really the responsible young adults they claim to be. On the final night of the holiday, the parents reveal themselves to their unsuspecting teens in the most dramatic of ways. But will their teens forgive them their deception, and will the parents have been pleased or disappointed by what they have seen?

The programme travels to some of the hottest party spots in Europe: Ibiza, Ayia Napa, Malia, Magaluf, Kavos and Zante. As parents and children go on a journey to sample the best and the worst of a teenage holiday.

How Drugs Work
6 January, BBC Three

As part of the Dangerous Pleasures season, this three-part series looks at the biological process behind three of the most commonly used recreational drugs – cannabis, cocaine and ecstasy. Using groundbreaking CGI, How Drugs Work takes the viewer on a journey deep inside the human body to explain exactly how these powerful substances take effect.

Each episode will closely follow one drug on a virtual journey through the user's internal systems. At each location on our tour of the body, we learn about the fascinating and often surprising scientific reasons for how these drugs work and also the damage they can cause.

The programme will feature interviews with toxicologists, neuro-scientists and medical pharmacologists who will explain the facts behind subjecting your body to these Dangerous Pleasures and also resolve some well known myths. The series interviews drug users who use drugs recreationally and former users who tell their cautionary tales.

Is Oral Sex Safe?
10 January, BBC Three

Darren was diagnosed with orophyrangeal cancer, a rare form of mouth cancer at the age of only 31. But that wasn't the only shocking news that he had to deal with. Most oral cancers are caused by smoking or drinking but Darren's cancer was caused by the Human Papillomavirus (HPV) which is sexually transmitted. Darren had caught it through having oral sex. And he's not alone. New research shows that there has been a dramatic increase in the number of HPV-related oral cancers amongst young people. Actress Jaime Winstone sets out to discover why the statistics are rising and whether anything can be done to stop this trend.

Having met Darren, Jaime wants to know more. She's sadly got an intimate relationship with cancer – as filming began for this programme, her close friend Paul, a DJ, died from pancreatic cancer aged only 26. Whilst his cancer wasn't preventable, Darren's was. HPV is recognised as the cause of cervical cancer in women and so two years ago the Government introduced a national vaccination programme for teenage girls. But if a vaccine exists, why isn't it also given to boys to protect them from developing HPV-related cancers? Although this oral cancer is still relatively rare, the HP virus is common, with an estimated 80% of adults having it, without any symptoms, during their lives.

Jaime is a woman with a mission to understand and her journey takes her to meet Dr Margaret Stanley, a world expert on HPV and Professor Hisham Mehanna, a head and neck specialist at University Hospital, Coventry whose research has shown an increase in HPV-related oral cancers. She talks to teenage boys about what they know of HPV and to teenage girls about why they are reluctant to get the vaccine which is freely available to them, before confronting the Department of Health over why they currently don't vaccinate boys as well as girls on the NHS.

Is Oral Sex Safe? sets out to lift the lid on this little-known cancer and the dangers that lurk behind oral sex.

Ready, Steady... Drink
17 January, BBC Three

Emily Atack (presenter and Inbetweeners actress) takes a journey looking into the UK's culture of drinking games.

Vodka eyeballing, Vodka snorting, Tequila Suicide, Centurion, Pub Golf, Dirty Pints, Body Shots. Everyone knows a drinking game but just how safe are they - and should they be banned?

The government and several universities think so. This April new rules ban drinking games in UK bars and clubs. And in October a second set of measures will come in to make sure that all bars offer smaller measures alongside the doubles, cocktails and large glasses of wine that have now become standard. Compulsory age verification policies at all premises to prevent underage drinking with also be introduced.

Emily travels the length and breadth of the country to witness the drinking games that have become part of many peoples' Friday and Saturday nights to try to get to the bottom of why young Brits like to find new and more risky ways of speed-drinking and see if there really is anything effective the government can do to stop them.

Laura Hall
24 January, BBC Three

In April 2010, Laura Hall from Bromsgrove hit the headlines for being barred from buying or drinking alcohol anywhere in England and Wales. After over 40 arrests, 29 convictions, being on tag and two custodial sentences failed to curb her behaviour, Laura was eventually given the first ever National Drinking Banning Order. Laura has no qualifications after being expelled from school at 15 and regularly consumes 150 units of alcohol a week.

At the age of 21, she finally tries to turn her back on six years of binge drinking and kick her alcohol habit for good. Looking beyond the press headlines, this observational documentary follows Laura and witnesses how her addiction impacts on her everyday life. It follows her into rehab and shows her determination to change. Throughout the six months that the cameras follow Laura, viewers will witness her highs and lows in an attempt to get herself back on track.

Music, Money And Hip Hop Honeys
31 January, BBC Three

Nel Hedayat (presenter of acclaimed BBC Three documentary Women, Weddings, War And Me) investigates the controversial world of music videos and meets the girls who dream of starring in them. High profile stars hit the headlines by testing the boundaries of taste with more and more overtly sexual films, but Nel asks how does the music industry treat the girls who dance in them.

Nel follows dancers chasing their dream of fame and wealth, both here in Britain and in America. She meets some who have made it but hears more stories from the vast majority who don't. From them she learns about the dark side of an industry where girls blindly chasing success leave themselves open to financial and sexual exploitation.

Cannabis – What's The Harm?
Coming soon, BBC Three

Cannabis – What's The Harm? is presented by ex-EastEnders actor James Alexandrou. With access to the Avon and Somerset police force's drug squads and the Borders Agency, this two-part series looks at both the dealers and users and talks to the UK's top doctors and psychologists about the effects of cannabis.


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