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Wednesday 29 Oct 2014

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Just William – episode synopses

Episode one – The Sweet Little Girl In White

When the Bott family move into Croombe Hall, William and his gang, The Outlaws, are horrified to find themselves banned from playing in the woods. But the worst is yet to come – in the form of the frilly yet formidable Violet Elizabeth Bott.

As his brother, Robert, inspired by Marlon Brando's Wild Ones, tries and fails miserably to romance the local ladies, William and pals Ginger, Douglas and Henry find Violet Elizabeth hard to shake off – until a game of Red Indians, a thrilling chase and a very muddy bog give the boys the chance to get even with the idiotic Mr Bott.

Episode two – Parrots For Ethel

Exotic Uncle Neville has come to stay and William is not the only member of the Brown family to be impressed by his exciting tales of the African Savannah. To prove to his mother that English animals can be just as interesting as African ones, William and the Outlaws decide to give a lecture of their own.

But with only a dead dormouse and a caterpillar on the bill, things aren't looking too thrilling. Whilst sister Ethel languishes in quarantine, her hapless suitors provide the perfect opportunity for a spot of parrot kidnapping – and William's talk suddenly becomes a lot more interesting.

Episode three – The School Report

The summer holidays are nearly upon them but William and the Outlaws are feeling gloomy. A bad school report will mean lessons all summer for William and, worse still, the Botts have sacked their favourite gardener (and partner in crime ) Bob.

A cunning plan is needed and portly Mr Bott's unsightly efforts to fight the flab give the Outlaws exactly that – with a little bit of blackmail that might just get Bob his job back.

And a chance encounter with his formidable Aunt Augusta allows William to get rid of his dreaded school report in a most ingenious way.

Episode four – William Takes The Stage

Tomboy Dorinda has moved into the village and, for once in his life, William seems to approve of this rat-catching, frog stuffing girl.

The impending school Shakespeare competition seems the perfect opportunity to impress her – but when snotty Dalrymple gets the part of Hamlet, William and his faithful Outlaws are spurred into action. It's down to William to forcibly take the stage – with inevitably disastrous consequences.

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