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Wednesday 24 Sep 2014

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Just William – Simon Nye and John Chapman

Just William animation

Simon Nye – writer

"I grew up reading the Just William books and William's fearlessness was always a bit of an inspiration. He is very good at exposing the pomposity of adults, which can make reassuring reading to children. He's a great grumbler with a full set of working grudges children can all share.

"Above all, the books are consistently funny, putting their fingers on a lot of truths about Britain and the British."

John Chapman – producer

"Other long-term fans involved in the show include Stephen Warbeck, Oscar-winning composer for Shakespeare In Love, who has written a score featuring many of the instruments popular in orchestras of the Fifties.

"Ed McLachlan, referred to by Trog as the "cartoonist's cartoonist" and longtime contributor to The Oldie, Punch and Private Eye, has devised his own take on the William stories, supplying amazing individual illustrations for the titles of all the episodes of the series.

"Richmal Crompton started writing William long before this production is set and continued writing her stories well into the Sixties, but the Fifties felt right to the team for this current production.

"As a period in which children had a great freedom and where, in spite of post war austerity, there was a sense of optimism for a better future and a climate of real change.

"The production is delighted to have received the wholehearted support of Richmal Crompton's family and the final icing on the cake, a narration by the voice most closely associated with William – Martin Jarvis.

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