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Wednesday 24 Sep 2014

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Hugh Dennis to host brand new improv show on BBC Two

Clockwise from top left: Humphrey Kerr, Justin Edwards, Marek Larwood, Laura Solon, Hugh Dennis, Pippa Evans and David Armand

When the fireworks and chimes herald 2011's arrival, little will the merry revelers realise but a genuine cause for celebration is set to follow just a few short weeks later: big-hearted BBC Two have decided to liven up a year free of Cleggmania, Rooneygate and Eyjafjallajokull by unleashing Fast And Loose, a new show from the makers of Mock The Week that promises to leave viewers gasping like Gillian McKeith facing a bucket of maggots.

Filming began on Tuesday 16 November at BBC Television Centre. Comprising a succession of lively games that spoof films, TV programmes and music, Fast And Loose is hosted by Hugh Dennis (Outnumbered, Mock The Week) and threatens to do for comedy what Downton Abbey did for spotting stray aeroplanes and TV aerials.

Leaked documents left on a table in BBC Television Centre suggest the hotly anticipated eight-part series will also feature talent of the calibre of Laura Solon, Justin Edwards, Marek Larwood, Pippa Evans, Humphrey Ker, David Armand, Greg Davies and a host of other exciting up-and-coming comedy performers.

Independent producers Angst Productions are the company behind the show and a source close to their offices said today: "From what I could hear through the wall, it seems the series will provide a dazzling blend of games with new slants on a variety of iconic pop culture targets as well as breaking new ground with perception-bending visual scenarios and a hi-tech animation round. I may have misheard though."

Suzanne Gilfillan, Executive Editor for the BBC, comments: "Fast And Loose is warm comedy entertainment with a modern twist, with a rich mix of established performers and new comedy stars in the making, reflecting the wealth of new and exciting improv talent on the stand-up comedy circuit."

Hugh Dennis adds: "Fast And Loose is the ultimate team sport, with a group of fantastically clever character actors. They are the next generation of improvisers, and improvisation has moved on enormously. We have electronic trickery, animated chickens and blowfish as well as songs and games including a fantastic sideways scene. It is half an hour of controlled improvised silliness and there is no scoring and no stars. To quote David Cameron: 'We are all in it together.'"

Fast And Loose was created by Dan Patterson, the mysterious puppet master behind Mock The Week.


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