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Wednesday 24 Sep 2014

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UK's favourite cake revealed as nation prepares to Get Baking for Children in Need

As the UK prepares to roll up its sleeves, bake a cake and raise money for BBC Children in Need, a specially commissioned survey for the BBC Food website and Get Baking campaign reveals the cakes we love to bake at home.

The BBC survey reveals the UK's top three favourite cakes. Top of the tiered stand is the chocolate cake with 27% of those asked saying it was their favourite cake and to celebrate a Get Baking Easy Chocolate Cake recipe is now available at the BBC Food website.

Fruit cake came in as a worthy number two with 10% of the votes and sponge cake came a close third with 9% of those asked declaring its moist delights to be their top treat. However, people in Wales disagreed and voted for sponge cake as their number one.

But as thoughts turn to the festive season, Christmas cake was less popular with only 3% of adults asked making it their number one.

The survey also suggests that the nation's top cake makers are in the South West of England. Of those surveyed, 63% of adults (with a favourite cake) in the South West said that they had baked their favourite compared to only 32% in Northern Ireland.

There is also an apparent gender divide. While women are still in love with chocolate, men definitely prefer it fruity. Fruit cake is twice as popular with men than women, but is more popular in the West Midlands than with those living in Scotland.

And perhaps not surprisingly (among people who named a favourite cake) those who work part-time are more likely to find time to bake than those who work full time – but they are also slightly more likely to bake than those who do not work at all.

The BBC's Get Baking campaign aims to make baking fun and to inspire and encourage all those who are new to baking to have a go – with the added incentive of raising money for Children in Need.

To find the Easy Chocolate Cake recipe go to Get Baking at You can also find some great baking ideas for the kids from Mary Berry's perfect Victoria sandwich to Paul Hollywood's crusty cob loaf with step-by-step recipes, tips and techniques.

Mary Berry says: "The Great British Bake Off series was a revelation and a joy to judge. There is some real baking talent in the UK and I am delighted that people have been truly inspired to get baking."

"I am not surprised that chocolate cake is a favourite. Personally my treat would be the Victoria sponge cake – classic, tasty and easy to make. It's a great one to get the children making."

People can also find recipe inspiration at on the CBeebies website where CBeebies favourite, I Can Cook serves up a selection of simple recipes and top cookery tips for the under sixes. The programme teaches children to discover the magic of the full cycle of food as they learn to connect what's on their plate everyday with the world around them.

CBeebies presenter Katy Ashworth says: "Baking is such a simple pleasure that brings joy in so many different ways. It's a brilliant skill to have and if you have it from a young age all the better. And for the record my favourite cake is my nana's chocolate cake!"

The BBC Children in Need Appeal is a charity whose mission is to positively change the lives of disadvantaged children and young people in the UK. The spectacular live appeal show is on BBC One on Friday 19 November at 7pm.

Last year, thanks to the amazing generosity of the British public, a record-breaking £39 million was raised.

To get your fundraising pack, which is bursting with ideas and inspiration to raise money for BBC Children in Need, call 0345 607 3333 or go to Children in Need website.


Notes to Editors

Survey sample size 1000 adults (aged 16+). Survey prepared for the BBC by GfK NOP. The survey was carried out between 8–10 October 2010.

Summary of survey results:

Chocolate cake was the most popular – 27% respondents named this as their favourite (unprompted). (12% in Wales)

30% of women and 25% of men claimed chocolate cake to be their favourite.

Chocolate cake was most popular amongst the youngest age group (44% of 16-24s claimed it to be their favourite).

51% of those with a favourite cake claimed to have ever baked it themselves. This was higher amongst women than men (69% vs 31%).

Amongst those with a favourite cake, those in the South West of England were the most likely to have baked their favourite cake themselves (63%) and those in Northern Ireland were the least likely (32%).

Go to the BBC Food website for the Easy chocolate cake recipe.

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