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Wednesday 24 Sep 2014

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Living Longer – a week of special programming on BBC Local Radio

BBC Living Longer, a week of special programming on all BBC Local Radio, online and regional television in England, begins on Sunday 7 November 2010.

Through specially commissioned research and grass roots reporting in the English regions, BBC Living Longer examines in depth the issues and opportunities facing an ageing population including social care, impact of caring on families, the cost to the NHS, work, retirement and the opportunities of ageing.

Forty local radio stations, 12 regional television news and a number of regional Politics Show programmes, as well as 44 local websites, are working together on the editorial.

And 40 BBC local reporters will file reports throughout the week. A Facebook page has been created at

BBC Local Radio will be working alongside BBC Radio 4's You & Yours programme at midday on Monday 8 November to deliver a discussion on people's understanding, expectations and plans for their basic social care.

As part of the week of coverage, BBC Local Radio has carried out research into the future of social care provision by local authorities in England and will reveal the number of complaints about elderly care services in the last three years.

An indication of the best and worst places to grow old will also be provided through a specially commissioned report from Experian.

David Holdsworth, Controller BBC English Regions, said: "Living Longer is tackling an issue that affects all of us – no matter what age – either as carers ourselves or the care we are likely to receive when we are elderly.

"BBC Local Radio will bring together its radio, regional television and online services to deliver a comprehensive picture of what the future holds for growing old in England today. This will tap into grassroots public reaction providing an England-wide picture in a week of extensive coverage that links into BBC network output."


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