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Wednesday 24 Sep 2014

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Graham Norton welcomes Lord Alan Sugar, Pamela Stephenson, Lee Mack and James Blunt to his Friday night show

Apprentice star Lord Alan Sugar; comedienne, psychologist, Mrs Billy Connolly and now star of Strictly Come Dancing, Pamela Stephenson; comic and star of Not Going Out, Lee Mack; and singer-songwriter James Blunt join Graham Norton on tonight's Graham Norton Show on BBC One.

Lord Sugar, giving Graham a sideways look, says: "I never judge anyone, even Apprentice competitors by first impressions," but concedes the competitors do get on his nerves.

He refuses to be drawn on who has won the series, but says: "Melissa wasn't very good and no, I didn't 'conversate' with her."

In a departure from his normal line of questioning, Graham grills Lord Sugar on the Government's economic cuts. Describing Nick Clegg as "the other clown" and "someone the public was a little bit confused by," Lord Sugar says: "We won't see the full impact of the cuts on unemployment until 2012."

He goes on to describe the coalition as "a government that has found themselves as Leyton Orient in the champion's league."

Describing herself as a "fake celebrity", Pamela says: "I couldn't think of a good reason not to take part on Strictly. My day job has had lots of darkness over the years and it's good to go off and have some fun. I'm just there to have fun. My husband even fancies me more since I lost weight on the show."

Lord Sugar says he watches Strictly and reveals his wife has Pamela tipped to win.

Revealing he's no fan of psychotherapy, a dubious Lord Sugar challenges Pamela and questions her profession, asking: "Tell me, what's the difference between psychiatry and psychotherapy? Did you buy the qualification at Sears?" Pamela cheekily responds: "Will your next book be about how to be nice to women?"

Lee Mack, meanwhile, reveals a phobia of flying and Lord Sugar offers to cure him without the use of psychotherapy.

To Lord Sugar's amusement, and with Lee Mack standing by in case of emergency, Pamela gives Graham a dance lesson in what she describes as "The Noo Noo Step."

James Blunt admits: "You're Beautiful has been played to death. I was a victim of my own success and can no longer tell a woman 'you're beautiful.'"

He describes his latest album as more upbeat and less melancholic than previous ones, before performing his new single, Stay The Night, live in the studio.

And, finally, Graham pulls the lever on foolhardy members of the audience brave enough to sit in the red chair. In a first for the show, someone gets down on one knee to propose – but will Graham pull the lever?

The Graham Norton Show, Friday 29 October at 10.35pm on BBC One.

Notes to Editors

All quotes in this release were said during the show's recording and won't necessarily appear in the final show.

Graham's guests next week are Johnny Knoxville, Joan Rivers and the Pet Shop Boys.


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