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Wednesday 24 Sep 2014

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Criminals brought to justice in week of new drama and factual series for BBC One Daytime

Over five consecutive days in Spring 2011, BBC Daytime will bring viewers an insight into the British criminal justice system.

A compelling new drama, Justice, takes inspiration from a real-life community justice centre in Liverpool and a new observational documentary series, Neighbourhood Blues, follows the work of a new task force tasked with tackling the enduring problem of housing estate crime.

Liam Keelan, Controller BBC Daytime, says: "Crime in Britain is an issue many of our viewers care passionately about, and is something we wanted to reflect on screen.

"This week-long series of programming tackles strong social issues in an innovative and positive way and are just two examples of new programmes I'm proud to have on BBC Daytime over the coming year."

Justice (5x45), takes inspiration from the work in the North Liverpool Community Justice Centre, a one-stop shop for tackling crime, drugs and anti-social behaviour, using a community based, problem-solving approach.

The drama, filmed and set in Liverpool, follows the fictional judge Patrick Coburn, known locally as the "Sheriff of Kirkdale" and seen by the community as either a liberal lefty or a power-crazed despot.

The drama follows an ever-changing line-up of guest stories at the Community Justice Centre, along with the dark secret that Coburn has kept from those around him.

But the judge and his revolutionary centre are also under threat from within. The judicial establishment see the centre as a woolly liberal money drain and want their power back – will the Judge and his team be able to keep the wolves at bay?

Justice, due for transmission in Spring 2011, is made by LA Productions for the BBC. Liam Keelan is the executive producer for the BBC and Colin McKeown is executive producer for LA Productions. The drama is written by up-and-coming writing talent.

Neighbourhood Blues (5x45) is the new observational documentary series following the work of a ground-breaking new force in Kent, as it confronts the problems of troubled local housing estates and takes on the law-breakers who are making life a misery for many of the families living there.

Kent Police have set up special Neighbourhood Policing teams not only to combat the "ASBO Menace", but also to use modern and positive "restorative justice" methods to change criminal behaviour.

Instead of simply pounding the beat in a problem area, the teams sit down and agree a plan to solve the crime at the root cause of the problem. Working with the public, they undertake intelligence work, instigate stings, kick doors in and do whatever else it takes to tackle the criminals at the heart of the problem.

Each episode of Neighbourhood Blues will follow the work of a specific team and get up close with the characters in the unit and the neighbourhood crimes that they are currently working and have worked to solve.

Neighbourhood Blues is also due for transmission in Spring 2011 and is a Raw Cut Television production for the BBC. The executive producer for the BBC is Pam Cavannagh and Steve Warr is executive producer for Raw Cut.

Notes to Editors

Throughout 2011, BBC Four is hosting a wide-ranging debate on the state of justice in Britain and the world today.

Among the programming highlights across this Year of Justice are: Justice – A Citizen's Guide To The 21st Century, in which Michael Sandel unpicks the sometimes contradictory nature of morality by describing the three most influential schools of philosophy that underpin our notion of justice, and Storyville – When They Are Free, an inside look at the current state of Amnesty International to mark the organisation's 50th anniversary.


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