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Wednesday 24 Sep 2014

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Over 1,600 schools put wellbeing at heart of curriculum with BBC Headroom

Since term began just four weeks ago, over 1,600 schools have signed up to BBC Headroom's Wellbeing project for schools and the number continues to grow daily as word of Headroom's innovative and inspirational resource pack continues to spread.

The BBC Headroom Teacher's Pack provides a one-stop teaching shop of creative lesson plans, classroom activities, mood music and mood maps, plus an inspirational DVD from CBBC's Bugbears – the website where children create their own cyber-monsters to talk anonymously about the things going on in their lives.

The resources are already a hit with teachers and pupils in classrooms across the country, with the following feedback from teachers:

"It has given children the opportunity to sit and think, talk and consider their role in school, friendships and in life. They've learnt about themselves the most and that the feelings and experience they have are normal and what everyone goes through. As a result they are starting to think about how they react to situations or how they speak to others."

"I found the lessons to be very straightforward and well put together. They were very stimulating and interesting and covered important aspects in a child-friendly manner. These lessons would work very well along side our current PDMU schemes and I would have no hesitation in recommending this programme to Primary School teachers."

And the children love it, too. One Year Six girl said that she "found the lesson relaxing and it's reminded me to treat my friends better than I do now," and a Year Five boy added: "I like it, because if I'm feeling sunny and someone in my class is feeling blue I can try and cheer them up in playtime."

Aimed at Key Stage 2 pupils (year groups three to six), the packs are based around three main themes – Being Happy, Friendships and Growing Up – and contain modules designed to work either as an instructive teaching manual or for inspiration for flexible classroom activities.

The content fully complements the personal, social and emotional development aspects of each UK country's curriculum and was created with advice from education consultant Pauline Barker and psychiatrist Dr Sandra Scott and consultant clinical psychologist Professor Peter Kinderman.

"We're delighted by the response to the Headroom Teacher's Pack. It just goes to show that wellbeing should be a fundamental element of our children's learning but it is often squeezed in the curriculum and teacher's are crying out for good resources," says Nina Bell, Headroom executive producer.

"Growing up is a tough thing to do and the Headroom Teacher's Pack is designed to help teachers encourage children to explore some simple ways to understand and improve their mood and to develop the ability to communicate feelings and build up resilience which will arm them with vital skills for later life."

Teachers can order their packs online.

BBC Headroom is a three-year, cross-platform campaign from BBC Learning to encourage people to look after their mental health and wellbeing.

Its main aim is to raise awareness of simple steps that everyone can take to improve their lives. As well as its extensive online offering at, the Headroom team undertake grassroots projects with local organisations such as libraries, schools and universities and on tour in the Headroom Tent at festivals.

Headroom has also commissioned or supported more than 20 television programmes on BBC One, BBC Two, BBC Three and BBC Four to date.


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