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Friday 22 Aug 2014

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BBC Archive releases unseen footage of Nobel Prize-winning scientists to coincide with launch of second series of World Service's Exchanges At The Frontier

Lord Todd, Neils Jerne, Ernest Walton, Nevill Mott

To coincide with the launch of the second series of Exchanges At The Frontier, a series of public events and broadcasts created by BBC World Service and Wellcome Collection, BBC Archive is releasing never-before-seen TV footage featuring eight significant Nobel Prize-winning scientists. The archive collection will premiere to audiences globally online.

The archive features in-depth interviews from the Eighties with eight 20th-century Nobel Laureates, conducted by biologist and broadcaster Lewis Wolpert.

Subjects include immunologist Niels Jerne; biophysicist Alan Hodgkin; biochemist Alexander Todd; astronomer Anthony Hewish; electro-physicist Neville Mott; atom-splitting physicist Ernest Walton; physiologist and biophysicist Sir Andrew Huxley; and biochemist Frederick Sanger. Sanger is the only person alive today to have won two Nobel Prizes and one of only four scientists to have ever achieved that distinction.

Exchanges At The Frontier, a series of five public events held at Wellcome Collection, a venue for curious minds in central London, will focus on the leading scientific luminaries of today.

Philosopher AC Grayling will probe the panel to explain the significance of their work. Does the public have the right to expect science to solve the problems that society creates? How relevant is science to today's human need? The subjects of memory, malaria, string theory, treating psychoses and extending the human life span will all be debated before the public by some of the world's greatest authorities in their fields.

AC Grayling will converse with the UCSF bio-gerontologist and specialist in extending human life, Cynthia Kenyon; one of the world's leading authorities on Alzheimer's, Christine Van Broekhoven; Kenya-based malaria pioneer Kevin Marsh; US String Theorist Brian Greene; and Broadmoor Hospital clinical and forensic psychotherapist Gwen Adshead.

The series will be broadcast weekly on BBC World Service from 26 October to 24 November 2010.

The BBC Archive Nobel Prize-winning scientists collection will be available from 10:00 BST on 4 October, at

The Exchanges At The Frontier event series will be open to the public and commences from 2 October. Visit for more information.

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