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Wednesday 24 Sep 2014

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Inspector George Gently – Episode 1: Gently Evil

Melanie Clark Pullen and Martin Shaw

Set in an idyllic coastal village in Northumberland, 1966.

When the body of a loose young woman is found murdered Gently and Bacchus find themselves investigating a family with unimaginable secrets.

Initially, it appears that the woman's estranged husband, Alan Charlton (Daniel Cassey), and father of their enigmatic young daughter, Agnes (introducing Natalie Garner), is responsible for the killing – and then they meet the child's uncle Darren Paige (Shaun Dooley).

With a rogue reporter, Max Osgood (Paul Kaye), is desperate to get an exclusive story on the family, the police have their work cut out.

Bacchus is having marriage problems and becomes jealous of Gently when he realises how close the older man has become to his wife Lisa (Melanie Clark Pullen) and toddler Leigh-Ann.

But, as Gently and Bacchus further investigate, the disturbed family they discover a far more alarming truth.

Behind the scenes on Gently Evil

The police station doubled up as the offices for the production team, which was the former Durham Johnston School.

The seaside scenes were filmed at Seaham promenade and beach and the set designers' detail in sourcing original Sixties holiday paraphernalia was extraordinary. The stalls were filled with original buckets and spades, model boats and toys (still in their original packaging), a Punch & Judy show and ice-cream van were all used to recreate a traditional seaside scene.

Needless to say that, on the day of filming, it was raining with the wind blowing and extremely cold – but this didn't stop Martin Shaw's character Gently having a picnic on the beach with Lisa Bacchus (Melanie Clark-Pullen) and bravely taking toddler Leigh-Ann (Katie Anderson) paddling in the sea!

Cast list:

George Gently – Martin Shaw
John Bacchus – Lee Ingleby
PC Taylor – Simon Hubbard
Lisa Bacchus – Melanie Clark Pullen
Agnes – Natalie Garner
Sarah Simmons – Neve Mcintosh
Mrs Paige – Ruth Mccabe
Darren Paige – Shaun Dooley
Max Osgood – Paul Kaye
Alan Charlton – Daniel Casey
Mr Williams – Jonny Owen
Neil McManus – Greg Hemphill
Pathologist – Tim Dann
Comedian – Dave Johns
Drinker – Vin Welch
Tommy – Chris Connel
Seamen’s Manager – Darren Beaumont
Mrs Williams – Jackie Knowles
Judge – Jack Mcbride
Senior Officer – Dennis Jobling
Blind Neighbour – Mike Elliott
Mr Smith / Paige – Matthew Zajac

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