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Wednesday 24 Sep 2014

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Octonauts – introduction

Octonauts on CBeebies

CBeebies is inviting children to take the plunge and go on an exciting voyage of discovery through the world's oceans this autumn with animated adventurers The Octonauts. Splashing onto CBeebies from Monday 4 October, The Octonauts are a new band of heroes who patrol the oceans and have thrilling adventures underwater.

Reporting for deep-sea duty are a tip-top team including the dashing Captain Barnacles Bear, swash-buckling Lieutenant Kwazii Cat and their fresh-faced medic, Peso Penguin.

Stationed in their impressive home base, the Octopod, the Octonauts are ready to dive into action whenever there is trouble underwater. Using their fleet of aquatic vehicles they rescue sea creatures, explore new underwater worlds and triumphantly save the oceans from danger – all in a day's rather wet work.

"We are delighted to welcome this team of highly-trained and courageous heroes to CBeebies," says CBeebies controller Kay Benbow. "They are perfectly equipped to take our viewers on a series of thrilling and colourful deep sea adventures – without them even getting wet!"

Captain Barnacles Bear is the heroic leader and strategic thinker of the Octonauts. An expert in piloting ships and subs, he's a bear of action, never fearing to rush in where there's trouble.

He's ably assisted by Lieutenant Kwazii, a daredevil pirate cat with a mysterious past, and medic Peso Penguin – a brave bird with a big heart and extremely fast flippers.

Together, with engineer Tweak Bunny, researcher Dr Shellington Sea Otter, photographer Dashi Dog, Professor Inkling Octopus and an adorable bunch of half animal, half vegetable creatures called the Vegimals, this team of aquatic aces keep trouble at bay as they scour the seven seas.

But they couldn't do it without the help of their extraordinary range of striking submersibles. From the technological comfort of the vast mission-planning base, the Octopod, to the speed of the fish first-aid ambulance, Gup-E, the Octopods are never without a suitable vehicle for a mission – be it helping out an albino humpback whale with sunburn, exploring a sinister kelp forest, or discovering a new breed of worm in the Midnight Zone, the Octonauts are ideally equipped for every sort of marine emergency.

The Octonauts is based on the richly imaginative books by design team, Meomi. Produced in HD, it combines classic team adventure with dazzling CGI animation to transport children to a world they don't normally visit – deep under the ocean.

The Octonauts is made for CBeebies by Chorion.


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