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Wednesday 29 Oct 2014

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BBC Two documentary reveals possible second Newman miracle

BBC Two documentary Newman – Saint Or Sinner? reveals that Vatican officials are currently investigating a second miracle connected to Cardinal John Henry Newman, who will be beatified by Pope Benedict XVI during his visit to Britain next week.

In the programme, Doctor Avvocati Andrea Ambrosi, Legal Counsel for the Birmingham Oratory, confirms that he was about to leave for Mexico City to investigate a crucial second miracle that could lead to the eventual canonisation of Newman.

Andrea Ambrosi says: "I received notice of a possible miracle in Mexico City. In fact, I am about to leave for Mexico City precisely because that could be the miracle for his canonisation. We are in a very preliminary phase. I cannot say anything yet but this shows how the Cardinal answers these prayers."

Newman – Saint Or Sinner is being presented by Ann Widdecombe who, like Newman, also converted to Catholicism.

Talking about the possibility of this second miracle in the programme Widdecombe says: "This was astonishing. To be a saint you need three things: evidence you've lived a holy life and two miracles. This could be the final stage leading to Newman's Sainthood. But it's early days – the Vatican's investigation of the second miracle hasn't begun and no-one can anticipate the outcome."

Newman – Saint Or Sinner? will be broadcast on BBC Two on Saturday 18 September at 6.45pm.

Notes to Editors

In the documentary for BBC Two, Ann Widdecombe explores Newman's road to Sainthood and meets Deacon Jack Sullivan, from Boston, who was apparently miraculously cured by the intercession of Newman.

Widdecombe also speaks to witnesses to his recovery, such as the back specialists and the lawyers who investigated the authenticity of the miracle.

Widdecombe also travels to Rome, Oxford and Birmingham to meet ordinary Catholics, historians and specialists on the life of Newman to shed light on his life and work as well meeting leading figures from the Catholic and Anglican Church to explain Newman's importance to British Catholicism.


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