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Wednesday 24 Sep 2014

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Strictly Come Dancing series eight – Claudia Winlkleman

Claudia Winkleman

Hosting Strictly's sister show It Takes Two, as well as the Sunday night results show, is popular television and radio presenter Claudia Winkleman.

The Cambridge graduate is a renowned presenter and journalist, who, as well as being the new host of Film 2010, also hosts her weekly Radio 2 show, The Arts Show With Claudia Winkleman, and contributes regularly to The Independent and London's Evening Standard.

With her numerous television appearances and presenting roles, including the Golden Globes and the Academy Awards, the viewers of Strictly will be in safe hands!


Are you looking forward to the new series?
I am properly excited. By August time, I start getting twitchy and I phone up my boss and say 'you know I was never going to talk about dancing again, (which I do vow to do by Christmas), well I would like to do it all again'!

Bruce is such a legend. Do you feel it's an honour to be stepping into his Strictly hoes hosting the results show?
Oh gosh, I can't even view it like that. I am literally helping out. It's a bit like if a girlfriend phones up and says 'I am moving house, can you help?'. That is what I happen to be doing - nothing else.

What are you looking forward to the most?
The line-up. When the producers told me who was taking part, I punched the air. It is a brilliant line-up this year. They have got some great names and I know the celebrities taking part will make great dancers. I literally cannot wait.

Will it be nice working with Tess on Sunday nights?
She is adorable. All we talk about is babies – that is it!

Will you be getting a new wardrobe for Strictly?
My new obsession and the person I have always dreamed about looking like is Steve Tyler from Aerosmith! He is insane! This year I want to look like Karl Lagerfeld though. The high neck and maybe a ponytail even… I do love dressing up.

Don't you wish you could be on Strictly?
No way. I don’t believe in exercise and I would be very bad at dancing. You have seen me try and do the master class with Len Goodman… awful!

Do you take your hat off to the celebrities who do take part?
Gosh yes, mainly because it is such hard work. The people who enter it really are committed. You can't enter Strictly and do it for a few weeks and say 'right I am off to do my Christmas shopping now'. They work so hard and hopefully we do put that message across.

Do you feel the judges over step the mark?
I think they are brilliant. I would move in with Craig, but I would have to bring my kids with me, and I am not sure how happy he would be!

You are also hosting the new film show for the BBC. Are you pleased with the way your career is going?
I would have been quite happy to have remained low profile but being asked to do the film show has floored me. I am sure I will be very bad and get fired! I am joking of course and I do feel very lucky. I really love the work so much.

And finally, do you have any superstitions before you host a show?
No, but I eat lots of Haribo sweets!

It Takes Two

Claudia Winkleman returns with Strictly Come Dancing – It Takes Two on BBC Two weeknights, bringing viewers, eager to get their Strictly fix, a half-hour show, jam-packed with exclusive interviews, backstage gossip and footage from training sessions.

Len is back with his dance masterclass and celebrity superfans will be invited to give their take on the dances and the costumes so far.

If this isn't already enough, ex-Strictly professional dancers will appear regularly on the show, sharing their expert opinions with the viewers on everything from choreography to costumes, and guests will be coming in to chat to Claudia about this year's runners and riders.

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