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Wednesday 24 Sep 2014

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Unique multiplatform drama for Radio 7 from BBC Scotland

A new, unique multiplatform drama, Legacy, produced by BBC Radio Scotland's Drama department will transmit in two parts from this Sunday, August 22 on BBC Radio 7.

Set above and below the streets of London, Legacy combines a two-part radio drama and an online adventure game to tell the story of Jules and Harry, two 20-something siblings coming to terms with their family's shocking past.

Shortly after the death of their grandmother, Rose, twins Harry and Jules are clearing out the contents of her attic prior to the arrival of the executor of her will. Stumbling around in the gloom they come across a cryptic message hidden on an old gramophone record. Speaking to them from beyond the grave, Rose tells her grandchildren that theirs is an important legacy and that only by following the clues she's left for them will they discover the secrets hinted at in the recording.

Thoroughly familiar with Rose's eccentricities – their own childhood was littered with strange treasure hunts she used to set for them – the twins resolve to head off one last time and uncover their mysterious inheritance.

The Legacy game is an audio-led adventure that focuses on Harry's adventures. It will be available on the BBC Radio Scotland website from Sunday 22 August and is made by games producer DESQ. Jules's story is told through a two-part accompanying radio drama broadcast on Radio 7. The two stories interweave, supporting each other and giving new insights into the characters and locations of the Legacy universe.

The radio drama airs on Radio 7 on Sunday 22 August and Sunday 29 August at 6.30pm (repeated later at 12.30am). Both episodes will be available on the BBC iPlayer and will be broadcast again on Radio Scotland on Friday 17 September and Friday 24 September at 11.30am.

The cast stars Jenny Hulse as Jules, Samuel Jameson as Harry, Kim Gerard as Anna and Sterling, Joanna Tope as Rose, Nick Underwood as Armitage and Robin Laing as Coyle.

Legacy was developed by BBC Radio Scotland's Drama producer David Ian Neville. The first episode was written by Louise Ironside and the second episode by David Bishop, who both attended BBC Radio Scotland's Lab writers' workshops.


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