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Wednesday 24 Sep 2014

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Jamie Cullum and Clint Eastwood in conversation on Radio 2

Clint Eastwood and Jamie Cullum

Film legend and jazz fan Clint Eastwood talks to Jamie Cullum for Jamie's weekly BBC Radio 2 jazz show in a rare interview to be broadcast over two weeks in September.

Recorded at Clint's very own studio in Los Angeles, the special shows will be broadcast on Radio 2 on Tuesday 7 and 14 September from 7-8pm and will also include some of Clint's favourite tracks from over the years.

Multiple award-winning film-maker, actor and director, Clint Eastwood has been involved in the movie industry for over 50 years but his passion for jazz precedes even his first appearance in a Hollywood movie. Clint has used jazz and jazz influenced music in some of his films over the years and collaborated with Jamie Cullum on the soundtrack to Gran Torino.

Jamie says: "Interviewing Clint Eastwood for my Radio 2 show was a true honour. He was overflowing with stories, good humour and enthusiasm for the chance to discuss his favourite topic - music. He has spent a lifetime immersed in jazz and not only picked some great music to listen to but had superb stories to weave around them."

In the two-part interview Clint talks about how he feels that some jazz takes itself too seriously.

He says: "I've always professed that jazz has lost its sense of humour... You had people like Dizzy (Gillespie) who were great, Louis Jordan who were great comedians as well and they bring a lot of fun to it. Then later on when you get past the Fifties everybody started getting very serious and buttoned down collars, buttoned down suits and they started getting very intellectual about it and I think that's when it lost a lot of its spirit…"

Clint reveals how he became a fan of Jamie's when he first saw him perform at the Monterey Festival in the States: "You jumped off the piano... I thought 'Hey, this guy's going somewhere!'... I did feel that you were bringing an entertainment value to jazz, or swing or blues or whatever you were playing... that had long been missing... I became a fan on that evening."

He added: "It's a rare opportunity for me to be on the Jamie Cullum show, it's always fun to talk about music."

Clint also talks about how his mother introduced him to the music of Fats Waller, how one of his first gigs was by a then unknown Dave Brubeck and how being in the military for two years opened up a world of music to him, introducing him to the likes of Andre Previn and Lenny Niehaus who he later collaborated with. He talks about being friends with Dizzy Gillespie, his involvement with the Monterey Jazz Festival and his work on a TV documentary with old friend jazz superstar Brubeck, who turns 90 this year.

Clint Eastwood on the Jamie Cullum show can be heard on Radio 2 on Tuesday 7 and Tuesday 14 September between 7-8pm.

Jamie Cullum on Radio 2 is produced by Karen Pearson for Folded Wing.

Notes to Editors

Jamie Cullum showcases his love for all types of jazz and music rooted in jazz, from its heritage to its future, every Tuesday from 7-8pm on BBC Radio 2.

While celebrating the works of legends such as Charles Mingus, Billie Holiday and Charlie Parker, Jamie also aims to represent all that is exciting and new in jazz in his Radio 2 show, from Polar Bear to Empirical and Beady Belle. The show also includes archive session tracks with classic performances from the likes of Duke Ellington, John Surman and Tubby Hayes.

Jamie Cullum's show also features live sessions and interviews recorded at BBC's Maida Vale studios. Previous sessions include Polar Bear, Ramsey Lewis, Abdullah Ibrahim, Dee Dee Bridgewater, Bobby McFerrin and the Neil Cowley Trio.

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