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Wednesday 24 Sep 2014

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Waterloo Road: cast and crew

Christopher Mead (William Ash) and Karen Fisher (Amanda Burton)

Episodes 1-10


Karen Fisher – Amanda Burton
Charlie Fisher – Ian Puleston Davies
Tom Clarkson – Jason Done
Janeece Bryant – Chelsee Healey
Francesca Montoya – Karen David
Christopher Mead – William Ash
Grantly Budgen – Philip Martin Brown
Ruby Fry – Elizabeth Berrington
John Fry – Ralph Ineson
Marcus Kirby – Wil Johnson
Jonah Kirby – Lucien Laviscount
Ruth Kirby – Anna Jobarteh
Jess Fisher – Linzey Cocker
Harry Fisher – Ceallach Spellman
Josh Stevenson – William Rush
Finn Sharkey – Jack McMullen
Amy Porter – Ayesha Gwilt
Lauren Andrews – Darcy Isa
Vicki MacDonald – Rebecca Ryan
Ronan Burley – Ben Ryan Davies
Sambuca Kelly – Holly Kenny
Denzil Kelly – Reece Douglas
Emily Hughes – Shannon Flynn


Fraser MacDonald
Roger Goldby
Julie Edwards
Joss Agnew
Dermot Boyd


Lisa Holdsworth
Louise Ironside
Liz Lake
Philip Dodds
Katie Douglas
Paul Logue
Ellen Taylor
Ryan Craig
Neil Jones
Nick Hoare


Executive producer (Shed Productions) – Sharon Hughff (Eps 1–4); Lis Steele (Eps 5–10)
Executive producer (BBC) – Gaynor Holmes

Sharon Channer (producer)
Jane Hudson (producer)

Jonathan Leather (line producer)

Waterloo Road is made by Shed Productions for BBC Scotland.

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