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Wednesday 24 Sep 2014

BBC Two Autumn and Winter 2010/2011

Diverse, stimulating and rewarding television on BBC Two
Michel Roux's Service

Michel Roux's Service

Great service matters almost more to Michel Roux than great food. He believes that waiters and sommeliers are the unsung stars of the restaurant world; their brilliance transforming an ordinary meal into an unforgettable experience.

In this new series, Michel is on a personal mission to train eight young people, none of whom have previously considered this as a career, to become front-of-house superstars. But this isn't just about transforming young people into great waiters, good service involves discipline, care for others and self confidence.

For Michel, learning to serve others means developing essential life skills.

Receiving the best training, the eight young people learn the skills needed to run service in some of Europe's best restaurants. Michel hopes they will discover that front-of-house service offers a brilliant career.

Ultimately, he will select two to take up life-changing scholarships with placements at leading hotels and restaurants.


A Ricochet and Millionmedia co-production

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Baking Made Easy

Baking Made Easy

It's time to warm up the oven because Lorraine Pascale is in the kitchen to share her secrets, passion and knowledge and bring baking bang up to date.

Lorraine is a new TV talent who quit the catwalk to become a qualified chef, baker and patissier. She has worked in some of the hottest restaurants around and now runs her own business, while simultaneously juggling life as a mother and food journalist.

In Baking Made Easy, she features delicious sweet and savoury recipes, from quick and easy to daring, dazzling and inspiring dishes with a real wow factor. She also features old favourites and new twists on modern classics.

Using flour power and re-inventing baking for the 21st century, Lorraine also offers large slices of know-how, helpful short cuts, techniques and professional kitchen secrets.


Pacific Productions

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Giles And Sue Live The Good Life

Giles And Sue Live The Good Life

Celebrating the 35th anniversary of the classic BBC comedy The Good Life, Giles Coren and Sue Perkins step back in time to 1975 to try their hand at becoming self-sufficient and see if it really is possible to live "the good life".

When the classic sitcom first hit British screens, self sufficiency was the goal of an eccentric few. Fast forward 35 years and Tom and Barbara Good's determination to grow their own and conserve energy has never seemed so fashionable.

Inspiring themselves with archive clips of the comedy, Giles and Sue try to recreate the Good's world in an ordinary suburban street – from growing vegetables in the garden and grazing goats in the local park, to building a methane generator to supply their electricity.

While seeking advice from experts when needed, most of the time the intrepid couple will try to find their own answers to everything from dealing with carrot blight to how to treat a constipated pig.

But it's not all wellies and manure. Just as neighbours Margo and Jerry's affluent consumerism provided the perfect foil to their neighbour's earnest experiment in self-sufficiency, Sue and Giles get the opportunity to try out a more mainstream Seventies lifestyle in an attempt to understand just what it was that the Goods were kicking against.


A Silver River production

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Nigella's Kitchen

Nigella's Kitchen

Home-cooking heroine Nigella Lawson returns with a new 13-part show, cooking for modern living, whatever the situation.

Catering for busy lives and eating habits, Nigella includes a mixture of easy, fast and fabulous recipes to beat the clock at the end of a hectic day, while also devising more leisurely recipes with which to unwind over relaxing weekends.

Her ideas will inspire those cooking for friends and family through to delicious meals for one. She'll reveal her kitchen secrets, including incredible shortcuts, and share tips and strategies for solving typical kitchen quandaries.

With ladles of feel good food, Nigella's Kitchen is all underpinned by her mantra, "maximum flavour for minimum effort".

In her inimitable witty, engaging and conversational trademark style, Nigella talks the audience through the cooking process, showing how to create the perfect mood to enjoy every mouthful. Ultimately, it's about real food for real people.


Pacific Productions/Pabulum Productions

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A Farmer's Life For Me

A Farmer's Life For Me

Self-taught pig farmer Jimmy Doherty presents a brand new series in which nine couples who dream of living off the land find out exactly what it takes to run a successful farm, as they compete to make their dream a reality by winning their own small holding for a year, rent free.

For many people the idea of ditching the daily office grind to live on a countryside farm sounds like living the good life. But far from being a rural idyll, farming can be a tough business as the couples soon discover.

Living together on a farm in Suffolk, there will be plenty of mud and mishaps as, guided by Jimmy and a team of experts, the couples undergo a range of farming challenges, learning the practical and business skills needed to run a successful farm, from breeding livestock to creating and marketing their own produce.

The couples will then contend to be the best in their field as they put their new found skills to the test, with Jimmy ultimately deciding who must return home and who is still in with a chance of winning the opportunity of a lifetime.


A Splash Media production

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Match of the Day 2

Match Of The Day 2

Colin Murray takes the helm as the new presenter of Match Of The Day 2, which returns to BBC Two every Sunday night throughout the 2010/2011 Premiership season.

Colin will be joined by a range of pundits from the world of football for comprehensive analysis of the highlights from Sunday’s matches as well as wrapping up all the action and talking points from the Saturday games.

"It’s an absolute honour to become part of what Match Of The Day stands for,” says Colin of his new role. “I will do my best to bring everything I have to the table and the hallowed sofa. I can't imagine how nervous I will be sitting there and hearing that theme tune. I like a laugh but I am also serious about football and the impartiality required to respect all football fans."


BBC Productions

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