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Wednesday 24 Sep 2014

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Jonathan Ross welcomes Sir Tom Jones, Jimmy Carr, Ellen Page and Penn & Teller to his Friday night show

Sir Tom Jones

Sir Tom Jones, Jimmy Carr, Ellen Page and Penn & Teller join Jonathan Ross for this week's Friday Night With Jonathan Ross on BBC One.

Sir Tom tells Jonathan that he didn't party the night away on his 70th. "It was quiet on my birthday – I didn't want to broadcast it."

He shares his memories of hanging out with Elvis and singing late-night gospel with him in Vegas, and how Elvis sang to him in the shower: "I couldn't understand it," he says. "He used to mumble a lot!"

Tom also provides the music tonight and performs Burning Hell from his new album, Praise & Blame.

Jimmy Carr

Comedian Jimmy Carr tells Jonathan how he sometimes gets mistaken for tennis star Roger Federer and that he writes 250 one-liners before each new tour.

He admits he's petrified of doing live TV, and says: "I found it absolutely terrifying," although he confirms he will do more.

Canadian actress Ellen Page, meanwhile, reveals she used to live in a haunted former brothel.

Ellen tells Jonathan how Tom Hardy got papped teaching her how to fight on the set of Inception: "It looked like he was beating up a little girl!"

She also reveals that she's nocturnal: "I'm a sleep-walker – I have night hallucinations."

Jonathan is also joined by illusionists Penn & Teller, who criticise David Blaine: "He thinks trick is a dirty word – we couldn't disagree more."

Friday Night With Jonathan Ross, 10.35pm, Friday 9 July 2010, BBC One.

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These quotes are taken verbatim from a studio recording and may not necessarily reflect the content of the final transmitted version of the programme.


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