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Saturday 19 Apr 2014

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Radio Scotland scouts for talent

Young traditional musicians will be tightening their strings, refining their notes and tuning their pipes this week as they prepare to compete in BBC Radio Scotland's talent trail for Young Traditional Musician 2011.

Young musicians between 16 and 27 years can apply from every nook and cranny of Scotland, to compete in this award which not only keeps traditional Scottish culture alive but brings with it a vibrant repertoire which takes conventional instruments and music into the here and now.

Jeff Zycinski, Head of Radio, Scotland, sees the talent pool increase annually as the competition enters its 11th year.

He said: "The accolade of Young Traditional Musician of the Year has brought with it an appreciation of traditional Scottish music from all corners of the country and heralded the enormous talent that we have in our young musicians.

"Throughout the generations, and around the country, this competition gives our traditional Scottish culture a place on today's stage."

Last year's winner, Daniel Thorpe, encouraged others to grasp the nettle when he stated: "This award has certainly raised my profile over the last six months and given me a platform from which to launch my solo career. I would advise others to grab the chances that this competition can give you!"

Entrants to the competition must provide their 10-minute audition by Friday 20 August, when a shortlist will be selected for a weekend masterclass culminating in a 10-minute performance slot in Coulter Hall, South Lanarkshire.

From there, the selected finalists will perform at the grand final at the Celtic Connections Festival, in Glasgow, on Sunday 30 January.

The ultimate winner will be awarded a recording session with BBC Radio Scotland, a performance at the Scots Trad Music Awards and the opportunity to take part in the TMSA's (Traditional Music & Song Association of Scotland) annual Young Trad Tour.


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