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Thursday 27 Nov 2014

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Tony Blackburn and Pat Sharp stand in for Judi Spiers on Radio Devon

The legendary radio presenter Tony Blackburn will be standing in for Judi Spiers on BBC Radio Devon on Monday 5 to Wednesday 7 July. Tony was a hit with Radio Devon listeners when he stood in for a day on Judi's show last year.

Tony Blackburn started his career in broadcasting on the pirate radio station Radio Caroline South, and booked his place in broadcasting history when he was the first DJ on air at the launch of BBC Radio One in September 1967.

Tony's parents are from Poole in Dorset and he was educated at Millfield Public School in Somerset.

Listeners will once again have the chance to phone in and chat to Tony as he takes on Judi's regular mix of live guests, live music and listeners' calls.

The following week another broadcasting legend, Pat Sharp, takes over from Judi. Pat Sharp has been a DJ and television presenter for over 25 years including stints on Radio 1 and Top Of The Pops. He released seven hit singles as part of the duo Pat and Mick, raising £300,000 for charity.

Pat also won the DJ special of The Weakest Link and was proclaimed "The People's Hero" when he took part in C4's The Games.

Mark Grinnell, Editor of BBC Radio Devon, said: "Tony and Pat are true broadcasting legends and share a passion for life and brilliant music with everyone here. They are looking forward to joining the Radio Devon family temporarily and we can assure them of a warm welcome and maybe a Devon Cream Tea."

The Judi Spiers Show is on BBC Radio Devon, Monday-Friday 9am-12noon. Radio Devon broadcasts across the county on 103.4 and 95.7FM and on


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