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Wednesday 24 Sep 2014

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Gina McKee

Gina McKee as Jacqueline with Jack O'Connell as Robert

Gina McKee first found fame in the critically acclaimed Our Friends In The North and has graced stage and screen ever since.

Gina explains why she was attracted to Dive and the role of Jacqueline, loving Mother of ambitious diver, Lindsey.

"Simply because I met Dominic and we talked and I liked him a lot and I liked the story. Dive deals with a familiar dilemma, teenage pregnancy, and shows that narrative from a very different point of view. Dominic allows his characters to find dignity and strength and I like the way the story explores love. Also, having seen it, I love the way Dominic uses landscape and time."

Lindsey's Mother accepts the choices Lindsey makes, including dating Robert.

Gina explains more about the relationship between Lindsey and Jacqueline: "I think Lindsey is a strong character and her mother clearly recognises that. Lindsey has made a choice and her mother respects that choice. I think it's kind of counter-productive to try and judge it. That's the situation; she accepts it and moves forward."

Gina's respect for Dominic Savage and her young co-stars Aisling Loftus and Jack O'Connell is clear.

She says. "I liked Dominic's way, that he gives people space and exercises his influence in this really quiet way. He has a gentility which invites creativity.

"Both Aisling and Jack were amazing. And they have a wonderful organic approach to their work. They were lovely and I was deeply impressed with them."

Gina can also be seen in BBC One's, The Silence, which will be on screen next month.

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