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Wednesday 24 Sep 2014

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Rev – Ellen Thomas plays Adoha

Ellen Thomas as Adoha Onyeka

Overbearing, maternal and yet unnervingly sensual, Adoha is what's known as a cassock chaser. She's the church matriarch with strong traditional views on what's appropriate in church and how it should be run.

Every bit as loyal as Colin, Adoha will do anything for Adam – and that's what scares him.

Ellen Thomas has twice been nominated for Best Actress in the EMMA Awards, nominated as Best Actress by Screen Nation and also in the Black Media Awards. She is due to appear as a new regular character, Grace, in EastEnders.

Ellen appeared in four series of Teachers as Liz, the school secretary from hell. She appeared in two series of Lenny Henry In Pieces and also in his Montreux-winning Christmas special.

Other television credits include three series of Cardiac Arrest; leading roles in Moses Jones; New Tricks; Outnumbered; Little Miss Jocelyn; London Bridge; Holding On; and six episodes of The Jury.

Ellen also appeared in Buried Treasure, alongside John Thaw, which won the 2002 Bafta Audience Award.

Her film credits include Ryan And Ronnie, Clubbed, Breaking And Entering and the award-winning Wonderland.

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