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Wednesday 24 Sep 2014

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BBC Four examines architecture of parish churches in new series

BBC Four announces a new six-part series, How To Read A Church (working title), presented by author Richard Taylor, which will examine how imagery, symbols and architecture of English parish churches have inspired, moved and enraged people down the centuries.

How To Read A Church is about understanding just what we see in a British church – how the different styles of churches throughout the country reflect changing ideas of God, salvation, living and dying.

Visiting some of England's finest parish churches, Richard's journey will be full of stories and contemporary accounts, touched with his insight, humour and sense of wonder at what he sees and interprets.

The series has been commissioned by Aaqil Ahmed, Head of Religion and Ethics, Commissioning Editor for Television, who says: "Britain has a huge range of eclectic parish churches. Uniquely, what this series does is put these different style of churches into a historical and religious context.

"By examining the symbolism in these churches we can see how Christian worship and social attitudes has changed throughout the ages."

How To Read A Church is a BBC Vision production, the executive producer is Bill Lyons and the series producer is Jonathan Mayo. The 6x30-min series will be transmitted on BBC Four in the autumn.


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