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Wednesday 29 Oct 2014

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Radio 1Xtra smashes DJ World record

BBC Radio 1Xtra DJs Rampage (Treble T and Mike Anthony), along with special guest DJs this weekend (Saturday 5 June 2010) broke the Guinness world record for the world's longest club session DJ relay.

The station broke the record by creating one long continuous DJ club mix, with each tune being mixed in by a different DJ. All tunes had to be perfectly beatmatched, without any musical clangs.
To help with the ambitious mission, Radio 1Xtra assembled a huge line-up of DJs from across the musical spectrum, including award-winners, prominent club DJs and BBC Radio 1 and Radio 1Xtra DJs from both past and present.
These included Radio 1Xtra DJs Trevor Nelson, Seani B, Twin B and Target; Radio 1's Vernon Kay; and guest DJs including Mark Ronson, Kenny Ken, MJ ColeWookie and Crazy Cousins.
There were two attempts – the first was kicked off by Radio 1Xtra's Trevor Nelson, along with special guest DJ Mark Ronson, at 2pm. The second attempt, which broke the record, was started by In New 1Xtra DJs We Trust DJ, Illmana.
The event took place at the Vibe Bar in London's East End. The aim was to reach 60 tracks to break the previous world record of 59, which was set on 18 June 2003 at D-Train, Bridge & Tunnel Club, London. After reaching 60, the 1Xtra DJs and guests kept going and eventually finished at a massive 82 tracks.
The record-breaking track, Benga & Coki's Night, was played live on air at 5.22pm by Rampage's Treble T during Ace & Vis' Radio 1Xtra show.

Treble T said: "We've had a great day and to see all my DJ friends in one place has been incredible. The fact that we all came together to smash this world record has made me truly proud and really emotional." 
The event was the climax of a week-long, on-air celebration focused on the art of DJ Mix culture on Radio 1Xtra.
For videos and pictures of the entire event and to see which tracks the DJ played to to


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