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Wednesday 29 Oct 2014

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Hounded – introduction

L-r: Gelina (Eva Alexander), Rufus (Rufus Hound) and Buck (Colin Ryan) on Planet Flotsam

Comedian Rufus Hound takes centre stage as Hanna-Barbera meets The Mighty Boosh in the imaginative new comedy show Hounded, which hits the CBBC channel on Friday 11 June.

"We set out to make a children's comedy series with a real sense of adventure," explains executive producer for BBC Comedy, Jack Cheshire, of the first-ever joint production between his team and CBBC.

"A show that takes all the visual excitement and slapstick fun of a brilliant animated adventure series and puts it into a live action series."

And Hounded does just that. Combining amazing visual effects and stunning sets, the show is set in a parallel universe where Rufus, the hapless new presenter of fictional CBBC science show Funlab, is about to have a very bad first day ...

When his future self turns up in the studio, Rufus is transported into a fantastic parallel universe, ruled by Dr Muhahahaha (Colin MacFarlane), an incompetent evil "genius" who is trying to take over the Earth.

Dr Muhahahaha develops a serious grudge against Rufus, who is plunged into a series of fantastic half-hour comedy capers as he is hounded across the known multiverse by the evil doctor and his irritatingly pedantic chief scientific advisor, Steve (Nadine Marshall).

Blundering across space and time, through dimensions that are governed by the laws of comedy rather than the laws of nature, Rufus meets the characters and comic creations that inhabit the parallel worlds of Hounded.

His goal is to thwart Dr Muhahahaha's evil schemes and to save the Earth. But, at the end of each adventure, thanks to Dr Mu's time-reversing reset button, Rufus crashes back into his own universe once more, finding himself back in his flat about to start the fateful day again ...

Rufus is played by Rufus Hound, future Rufus by Steven Wickham, Gill/Gelina by Eva Alexander, Barry/Buck by Colin Ryan and Doctor Muhahahaha by Colin McFarlane.

Hounded is shot in HD and has been developed by the award-winning team behind BBC Three's innovative sketch show, The Wrong Door.


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