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Thursday 27 Nov 2014

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The Camper Van Cook pulls up on BBC Two Daytime

Over one British summer, camper van lover and passionate foodie Martin Dorey journeys around the UK on the ultimate escapist adventure – celebrating the freedom of camper van living.

Commissioned by Liam Keelan for BBC Two, The Camper Van Cook (working title) will see Martin and his trusty camper van hit the road as he travels to some of the most beautiful places in the British Isles – from Scotland all the way down to Cornwall – immersing himself in the places, the people and produce.

The Camper Van Cook is the first BBC Daytime commission from Plum Pictures (James May's Toy Stories, Wayne Rooney's Street Striker).

In each episode, Martin will unearth some of the freshest seasonal local food, as he searches for oysters in Kent, whiskey in Mull, honey in Northumbria and crabs in Norfolk. He'll meet other people as passionate about food as he is – the growers, fishermen, farmers, beekeepers and fellow holiday makers. It's these characters who will guide him through the best producers, beauty spots, local recipes and traditions.

At the end of each episode Martin will host a party for his new friends in his camper van. With just a small gas-powered fridge, a sink and a two ring cooker, he'll open up his temporary home on wheels and cook his guests some of the great local food he's found along the way.

Viewers will see that Martin's van has its own unique personality and temperament. It's a four-wheeled 30-year-old classic in which anything can happen in his – and often does.

Liam Keelan, Controller BBC Daytime, says: "As Martin and his beloved van cross the length and breadth of Britain, this new series for BBC Daytime will capture the very essence of escapism as well as the simplicity of locally produced and cooked food."

Will Daws of Plum Pictures adds: "I am already jealous of Martin, who gets to spend his summer discovering the beautiful, hidden gems of Britain – it couldn't happen to a nicer guy!"

Martin says: "I'm really excited to have the chance to take my van on a trip around the UK sampling along the way everything that's great about Britain."

The Camper Van Cook (working title) is a 10 x 30-minute series for BBC Two Daytime, due to TX in Autumn 2010. The BBC executive producer is Lindsay Bradbury and the series has been made for the BBC by Plum Pictures.


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