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Wednesday 24 Sep 2014

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World Cup on the World Service: introduction

As Africa plays host to the FIFA World Cup for the first time this June, the BBC's international news services will offer a unique global perspective on events in the build-up to, and during, the tournament.

From within this diverse continent and beyond, special interactive programming will connect fans of the 'beautiful game' around the world, while the BBC's multi-lingual services will offer a comprehensive mix of news and current affairs, sporting analysis and local, regional and international insights.

Pre-tournament programming highlights include Africa Kicks, a journey through the region of West Africa that has produced a wealth of international football talent; and The Power And The Passion, a new series on BBC World Service English, in which writer and broadcaster David Goldblatt examines the relationship between football and fans, as he travels to four fiercely contested local derby games in Ghana, Italy, Egypt and the UK.

George Weah's and Didier Drogba's exploits off the pitch are the focus of Life On The Edge on BBC World News.

BBC Swahili will be producing a special series on the 'health' of football in East Africa, while BBC Hausa will examine the significance of the World Cup for Africa.

Over the course of the tournament, BBC World Service will have a special daily multimedia show, World Cup Have Your Say, which moves the football pundits aside to let fans air their views.

The World Today, presented by Komla Dumor and Ros Atkins, will be live from Soweto, and special editions of Sportsworld with Russell Fuller will feature interviews, analysis and insight covering the full spectrum of international teams.

World Football will have a special focus on football in South Africa and the impact of apartheid on the game.

Fast Track, the flagship sports show presented by Farayi Mungazi on BBC World Service, will feature news, interviews and special reports around the tournament.

A diverse range of the BBC's international non English-language services will be bringing the atmosphere, stories and news to audiences around the world.

For BBC Arabic, Sherif El-Sherif is hosting a multimedia show, while BBC Persian will be examining the cultural, social and economic impact of the tournament on South Africa.

BBC Brasil will be following the fortunes of the Brazilian team and finding out what the Brazilian organisation for the 2014 tournament can learn from South Africa.

Other services offering daily news, stories and updates include BBC Hausa, BBC Swahili, BBC Hindi, BBC Para Africa and BBC Mundo.

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