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Wednesday 24 Sep 2014

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England's worst ever football team on BBC Three

As World Cup excitement reaches fever pitch, and after 44 years of winning nothing on the international scene, England once more prepare to head to foreign shores to try and end over four decades of football pain. So what better time to affectionately rejoice in the misery, the misplaced passes, the 100 per cent effort but zero skill levels of many of our celebrated and less celebrated players? That's why prior to the World Cup BBC Three is creating a Frankenstein's monster of a football team to make up England's Worst Ever Football Team, in a programme made by Plum Pictures.

Based upon incontrovertible fact – as well as a degree of fan-based prejudice – we will be seeing who would be the worst to helm each outfield position, as well as who should be the manager of our ragtag band of footballing rogues, rascals and rubbish – all the while fondly doffing our caps to these Englishmen, in recognition that they actually did manage to represent their country, which is a far cry from what the average armchair fan could ever envisage.

Through a mix of archive footage and talking heads, including Razor Ruddock and Mark Lawrenson, this 90-minute show is a light-hearted and somewhat heated debate about who should win a place on the shamed team.

No-one is safe as the criteria will not just be based on blunders on the pitch but on dodgy haircuts and misdemeanours that have occurred in nightclubs and recording studios.

The Executive Producers for Plum Pictures are Will Daws (Equator, Power To The People) and Stuart Cabb (who oversaw Louis Theroux's return to BBC Two).


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