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Wednesday 24 Sep 2014

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BBC Three embarks on new sitcom pilot – The Adventures Of Daniel

Daniel Sloss. Credit: Steve Ullathorne

BBC Three has commissioned comedy pilot The Adventures Of Daniel, a new sitcom made by BBC Scotland, giving an authored insight into the life of 19-year-old rising star Daniel Sloss from Kirkcaldy in Scotland.

Remember when you were a gawky teenager, desperately trying to make sense of life and constantly trying to avoid eye contact with your mum, your girlfriend's father and basically anyone who might rumble what you're really thinking? Daniel remembers it like it was yesterday because it was yesterday...

Spun out of Daniel's stand-up routines the 30-minute pilot mixes together narrative, sketches and stand-up, taking viewers on a unique and very funny journey through a teenager's world view.

Daniel's comedy credentials include writing Mock The Week material for Frankie Boyle, regular performances across the country and running his own comedy night (the LOL Comedy Club in Kirkcaldy).

The show stars Daniel and his fictional family, friends and girlfriend. Daniel will play himself – details of further casting to follow.

Written by comedy partnership Tim Allsop and Stewart Williams (Plus One) with additional material from Daniel Sloss, the pilot will start shooting in Scotland in June.

The pilot was commissioned by Danny Cohen, Controller of BBC Three and Cheryl Taylor, Controller of Comedy Commissioning. It will be executive produced by Jemma Rodgers, BBC Scotland Executive Editor, Comedy.

Daniel Sloss says: "The show is a mix of my stand-up and some of my crazy thoughts and I'm incredibly excited to get the chance to make it with the BBC.

"It's kind of the story of my life – so far – and the ups and downs of being a teenager, or as my mum calls it the rollercoaster ride of being a typical half-man-half-Xbox hormone-ridden lodger.

"I'm lucky to be working with Tim and Stewart who are two amazing writers, as well as with a great production team and I totally love the script – so I really hope people enjoy the show."

Cheryl Taylor, Controller of Comedy Commissioning says: "We're delighted to welcome Daniel Sloss on to BBC Three and are confident that his particular brand of teenage angst will charm young audiences not only in his native Scotland but across the nation."

Jemma Rodgers, BBC Scotland Executive Editor, Comedy adds: "We're over the moon that this pilot has been commissioned. Daniel's natural talent for comedy combined with Tim and Stew's brilliant writing will bring a very special chemistry to the project.

"We're confident that it's the beginning of a new wave of contemporary comedy coming on to the network with Scottish talent firmly at its heart."

Daniel's comedy circuit debut came at the age of 16. The following year he became one of the youngest-ever finalists in the prestigious nationwide comedy competition, So You Think You're Funny? held during the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. And he has not looked back.

The Adventures Of Daniel follows in the footsteps of distinctive comedy made through BBC Scotland including How Not To Live Your Life (BBC Three), Limmy's Show (BBC Two Scotland), Gary Tank Commander (BBC Two Scotland), Burnistoun (BBC Two Scotland), The Old Guys (BBC One), Life Of Riley (BBC One) and Scottish BAFTA and Celtic Festival award-winning comedy thriller Crying With Laughter.

Other comedy commissions through Scotland include Desperate Fishwives (now a TV pilot), Funny Turns, No Hard Feelings and Laughed Off The Page, all of which were broadcast on BBC Radio Scotland.

Notes to Editors

Daniel still lives with his family in Fife, Scotland, who are often a natural source of inspiration for his comedy material.

He has studied acting since he was 8 years old, and loves computer games, robotwars, films, football and hanging around with his mates just having a laugh.

His website is at:


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