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Wednesday 29 Oct 2014

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BBC World Service wins Sony Radio Academy Awards at 2010 ceremony in London

BBC World Service won an array of awards at the Sony Radio Academy Awards 2010 in London, with Lyse Doucet scooping News Journalist of the Year and Newshour winning Best News & Current Affairs Programme. The awards were held in London on 10 May 2010.

Lyse Doucet was awarded News Journalist of the Year, with judges describing her as: "Well-researched and giving insight to the ordinary lives of people in Afghanistan and Iran, from the horror of losing a baby in childbirth to the hope of opening up to tourism. Lyse Doucet brings these countries to life with compelling audio that paints unforgettable pictures. A strong entry with good variety. Lyse's personality shone through in difficult situations and there's no doubt this is a tribute to her abilities as a journalist."

For the third consecutive year, BBC World Service won Best News & Current Affairs Programme. Newshour was awarded the Sony Gold, with judges describing its: "Gripping stories which are well told and have the power to change listeners' perceptions about their subject matter. This is real public service radio, bringing to air stories that haven't been told elsewhere, which genuinely add to understanding of world events. The judges particularly wished to commend the reporting skills of Owen Bennett-Jones."

Out of six nominations, BBC World Service was also awarded two Silver awards in the Best Promotional/Advertising Campaign category for M16: A Century In The Shadows and in the Best Drama category for The Day That Lehman Died. There were also Bronze awards for Witness in the Best Speech Programme and for World Football in the Best Sports Programme category.

Peter Horrocks, Director of Global News, says: "It is a tremendous achievement to get such comprehensive recognition for World Service English, a network that has a deep impact, with a global audience who are looking for illumination and understanding on the big stories that face us all."

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