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Wednesday 24 Sep 2014

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Ask your question – BBC Russian rolls out UK election coverage

BBC Russian has announced its plans for coverage of the UK General Election. In the weeks leading up to Election Day on Thursday 6 May, BBC Russian journalists will bring their audience comprehensive news and information about this important political event in the UK.

MPs representing the UK's three main political parties – Richard Spring, Conservative; Denis MacShane, Labour; and Michael Moore, Liberal-Democrat – will be answering questions put by BBC Russian audiences through the dedicated Ask British Politicians Your Question page, on Interviews with the politicians based on the questions will run across the BBC Russian multimedia output on radio and online.

In addition, the website will feature background information on the election, including an introduction by the BBC's Political Editor, Nick Robinson. Special content also will include an explanation of the term "hung parliament", which is a leading theme of the election, and the translation and explanation of key election terms. BBC Russian will also talk to ethnic Russians voting in the UK election – and report from the UK Embassy in Moscow where expatriate Britons will be voting on 6 May.

BBC Russian's Andrei Beketov reports on the series of Britain's first-ever televised election debates, offering radio and online audiences analysis of the parties' positions on home affairs and immigration, foreign affairs and the economy.

Special editions of the flagship morning and evening news programmes, Utro na BBC and Vecher na BBC, will feature Alexei Gromyko, Deputy Director of the Institute of Europe, Russian Academy of Science, and the leading UK academic and expert on Russian and Soviet affairs, Geoffrey Hosking. They will look at how the election may impact on the relationship between Russia and the UK.

Head of BBC Russian, Sarah Gibson, says: "Our audience is interested in events in the UK, and how they affect the Russian-UK relationship at all levels – foreign policy, immigration, trade, cultural, education. The election on May 6 is a key moment in UK political life. We will be explaining why and how the election matters, not just to those in the UK, but to countries such as Russia and the wider region."

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