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Wednesday 29 Oct 2014

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BBC Daytime orders two brand-new investigative series

BBC Daytime today, Thursday 15 April, announces it has commissioned two brand-new investigative series for its 9.15am slot on BBC One.

Documentary series Fly Catchers (working title) follows fly-tipping enforcement officers as they wage war on Britain's illegal waste dumpers, and consumer journalism series Save My Holiday comes to the aid of holiday-makers on their "holidays from hell".

BBC Daytime Controller, Liam Keelan, who commissioned both series, said: "These two brand-new series further cement our aim to make distinctive and original programmes for our Daytime viewers, tackling issues we know they care about – both at home and abroad."

Fly Catchers (working title)

Every day more than 3,000 fly-tipping incidents happen across England. With landfill taxes more than quadrupling in the last decade, the unlawful dumping of rubbish has become a massive problem for local councils, with clearance costs covered by councils (and therefore indirectly by tax payers) estimated at nearly £55 million each year.*

On the front line of the battle against this tide of waste are the enforcement officers, who are employed to investigate the origin of every fly-tipped item of rubbish, confront the offenders and, ultimately, prosecute them.

From low-level litter, dog mess or graffiti problems to large-scale organised crime, Fly Catchers follows enforcement teams from across the country as they investigate fly-tipping incidents.

The BBC executive producer is Lindsay Bradbury. Fly Catchers (15x45) is being made for the BBC by Leopard Films and will transmit in Autumn 2010. The executive producers for Leopard films are James Burstall and Miles Jarvis.

Save My Holiday

Based at two of the most popular tourist resorts in Spain and Greece, this hard-hitting consumer series will come to the aid of UK holiday-makers who find themselves on a "holiday from hell".

But, rather than simply dealing with consumers' holiday nightmares after they arrive back home, this series will try to solve people's problems while they're still abroad.

It's not about compensation after the event – it's about getting solutions that allow consumers to get the holiday that they've paid for.

Save My Holiday is presented by Joe Crowley and Ginny Buckley, who are accompanied by a crack team of researchers.

The series is being made for the BBC by Diverse and the executive producer is Emma Westcott. The executive producer for the BBC is Gerard Melling. Save My Holiday (15x45) will transmit in Autumn 2010.


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