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Wednesday 29 Oct 2014

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BBC Hausa's global audiences have their say on Ra'ayi Riga

Hausa-speakers from around the world are now discussing issues that matter to them on BBC Hausa's new audience-participation programme, Ra'ayi Riga (Have Your Say).

The weekly programme, which goes on air at 19.30 GMT on Fridays, is a forum for a global conversation between Hausa-speakers, wherever they are, with contributions from grassroots listeners, opinion leaders, policy makers and experts.

Interacting with audience, using a range of channels – from phone calls to Skype, text messages, Facebook, Twitter, emails, etc – is the key element of the BBC Hausa output.

Ra'ayi Riga moves listeners further centre stage, giving them the opportunity to both set the agenda and voice their views. The theme of the discussion is announced 48 hours ahead of the programme on radio, on and the BBC Hausa Facebook page.

Head of BBC Hausa, Jamilah Tangaza, says: "Ra'ayi Riga brings informed debate to our diverse and ever-growing audiences, making them part of the global conversation.

"In doing so, it also empowers participants to make informed decisions on issues they find important."

There has been an immediate interest in Ra'ayi Riga, with hundreds of listeners calling in to participate and also feeding back their views about the new programme and issues it has raised, including electoral and constitutional reform in Nigeria and food shortage in Niger.

Jamilah comments: "I find it really fascinating that Hausa-speakers of different backgrounds, who are ethnically not Hausas, are calling in from Czech Republic, US, Norway and Poland, speaking their minds freely. It's just great that the BBC Hausa programmes also attract these audiences!"

Ra'ayi Riga is aired at 19.30 on Fridays, immediately following the news. The podcast of the programme is available via the website at

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