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Wednesday 24 Sep 2014

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Making it clear – BBC Northern Ireland Election coverage

(L-R) Jim Fitzpatrick, Noel Thompson, Karen Patterson, Mark Carruthers and Mark Devenport

With General Election campaigns picking up momentum, BBC Northern Ireland will be offering comprehensive coverage of all the main issues that matter across its range of services.

In-depth analysis, expert opinion and the views of all the main protagonists will help the electorate get a clearer picture of the policies and manifestos of the political parties locally.

There will also be a range of opportunities for the public to have their voice heard during the campaign and put their concerns, views and opinions to those standing for election.


There will be two special Daily Politics opt-out programmes dealing with the constitution and the economy.

BBC Newsline will have a series of special reports and live political debates from around the constituencies.

The Politics Show from Northern Ireland will feature a series of community based outside broadcasts with local people putting their views and questions to representatives of the parties on the four Sundays leading up to the vote.

There will also be an hour-long local leader debate and in-depth interviews with party leaders on Hearts And Minds.

BBC Radio Ulster

There will be election phone-ins on Talkback plus full coverage in the run-up to the election, followed by reaction to the election across BBC Radio Ulster's current affairs output including Good Morning Ulster, Talkback and Evening Extra.

BBC NI News Online

Full coverage of all the main election issues and stories on NI News Online's Election Index, which will also have profiles of the political parties and party leaders.

Online will also have an Election Twitter service and an Election Webcast – where questions submitted by online users will be put to politicians.

Election Night Coverage

There will be a live election night results programme on BBC One Northern Ireland from 9.50pm, presented by Noel Thompson and Jim Fitzpatrick. BBC Radio Ulster will also have an overnight results programme, presented by Mark Carruthers and Karen Patterson, with a full overnight results service also available online.

Michael Cairns, editor of political programming, BBC Northern Ireland, said: "During an election there are a lot of voices and messages out there and a lot of people turn to us for impartial, accurate and trustworthy coverage. During the run-up to election day, we'll be complementing the national General Election programming on offer from the BBC.

"We'll be utilising all the platforms available to us to offer voters unrivalled analysis and distinctive coverage of all the issues to engage with voters across Northern Ireland. We'll be helping voters connect with the political representatives who are standing and putting the politicians on the spot to give the electorate a clearer picture of the policies out there with debates, discussions and expert analysis.

"People in Northern Ireland always turn to the BBC for coverage of the big stories that matter and we believe we can give them the most entertaining and informative programmes to assist them in the run-up to the General Election vote and bring them unparalleled results coverage."

Details regarding specific content and programmes will be issued closer to transmission times.


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