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Wednesday 29 Oct 2014

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BBC Russian brings its multimedia content to Belarus for the very first time with TUT.BY partnership

BBC Russian is embarking on a new internet distribution partnership with TUT.BY, the most popular online portal in Belarus, bringing its unique multimedia editorial offering to users across the country.

A first for BBC Russian in Belarus' rapidly-developing online market, the partnership is part of the BBC's efforts to reach Russian-speaking audiences, wherever they are, with a wide range of content.

The site will display daily news stories and embedded video in Russian, directly from

Users of TUT.BY will be able to view an extensive range of BBC Russian multimedia output on the site - from comprehensive international and regional news reporting and analysis through to entertainment and sport, to economics and art.

Head of BBC Russian, Sarah Gibson, comments: "We're very happy to be embarking on this new partnership and that we're able to bring the best of BBC journalism, in the Russian language and in a range of platforms, to the users of TUT.BY. We are confident that users will enjoy the mix of news and analysis, on global, regional and local topics, that BBC Russian brings to Russian-speaking audiences around the world through"

Fred Durman, Business Development Manager, BBC World Service, says: "We're delighted to be working with TUT.BY in Belarus. This is a ground-breaking partnership which will provide news and video services to BBC Russian's audiences in Belarus for the very first time - it will offer them the chance to enjoy the best of our Russian language content on a highly accessible platform."

Maryna Zolatava, Editor-in-Chief, TUT.BY, says: "Partnering with BBC Russian means a lot to TUT.BY. The BBC is one of the most reputable and reliable sources of information in the world. We are grateful to our British colleagues for their co-operative and friendly approach in allowing us to stream BBC Russian content on TUT.BY.

"It gives us an opportunity to provide our users with regular, impartial information about what is going on in the world. It is important that the BBC articles provide information, not only on certain events, but also background on the issues and comments from leading experts. Moreover, TUT.BY visitors can not only read the news but also watch supporting video clips."

Notes to Editors

BBC Russian is a multimedia broadcaster offering radio, online and mobile content to Russian-speaking audiences, with up-to-the-minute news, features and analysis. BBC Russian radio programmes are streamed online via and are broadcast on shortwave, on medium wave in Moscow (1260 MW), St Petersburg (1260 MW) and Yekaterinburg (666 MW). They are also available direct to home via the Hotbird 2 satellite.

The 24/7 website,, offers news and information in text, audio and video, while the latest headlines and video news bulletins are available for download on mobile phones via

BBC World Service is an international multimedia broadcaster delivering 32 language and regional services. It uses multiple platforms to reach its weekly audience of 188 million globally, including shortwave, AM, FM, digital satellite and cable channels. Its news sites, which received 4.7 million weekly visitors in September 2009, include audio and video content and offer opportunities to join the global debate.

It has around 2,000 partner radio stations which take BBC content, and numerous partnerships supplying content to mobile phones and other wireless handheld devices. For more information, visit For a weekly alert about BBC World Service programmes, sign up for the BBC World Agenda e-guide at

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