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Wednesday 24 Sep 2014

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A Passionate Woman: Theo James plays Craze

Theo James plays Craze

What drew you to the part of Craze?

"Craze is extremely complex, likable but, ultimately, flawed. He is free, impulsive and romantic, yet plagued by his own guilt and recklessness."

How did Craze feel about his wife, Moira?

"Their relationship is falling apart, yet he still maintains a degree of loyalty. Again, it's pretty complex. Craze knows that Moira will never leave him and, as a result, will continually push the boundaries of what he can get away with."

What did Craze see in Betty – was it love at first sight?

"I'm not sure about love at first sight – possibly lust. Her innocence and quiet passion are something that he is instantly drawn to."

Do you think he would have ever left his wife for Betty?

"I think so, but not easily. He's torn between his love for Betty and the loyalty he has for his wife and growing child."

How did you find playing the love interest opposite Sue Johnston and Billie Piper?

"Bingo – what more could you want? I was really lucky to work with both of them."

How do you think you would have coped living in the Fifties in that poor area of Leeds?

"I think I would have found it difficult. We take for granted the living conditions we're used to today. I would have liked the suits, though."

How did you find filming in Leeds – were there any funny moments or anecdotes from the set?

"I nearly fell in the lake a few times."

What are you passionate about?

"Family, friends and adventures."

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