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Thursday 31 Jul 2014

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Late Kick Off: wage capping will happen says Mawhinney

Days after the Football League named his successor, the outgoing chairman of the Football League, Brian Mawhinney, has fired a warning to his clubs that salary capping is inevitable.

Speaking exclusively to the BBC's Late Kick Off, Mawhinney makes it clear that a cap on wages will happen.

Mawhinney has previously said that the current football financial model is not sustainable and has campaigned for the introduction of a salary cap throughout the Football League in an attempt to halt the game's spiralling debt.

He told Late Kick Off: "The business model of professional football in this country doesn't work, it's broke and you see that reflected in the administrations and all the rest of it. I have some clubs in the Football League who are paying up to 85% of their income in wages. I don't care how great you are, you may be the best business entrepreneur the country has ever come up with but you cannot run a sustainable business with that sort of model."

He added: "I think I have given the issues a reasonable profile and I think even those who don't approve of me would probably concede that. Our Championship clubs in particular are not yet ready to commit, I'm relaxed. But it'll happen because what is going on presently is not sustainable in the medium term."

In the programme Mawhinney also talks about the situation at Stockport County, reiterating the Football League's policy of not permitting clubs to start two successive seasons in administration. And asked if he would be concerned if he was a Stockport fan he replied: "If I was a Stockport fan there would have been an element of concern for some time."

Watch the full interview on BBC One on Monday 15 March at 11.25pm.

Late Kick Off gives fans across England unparalleled access to their teams with in-depth coverage behind-the-scenes, the teams, players, managers and backroom stories. There are seven regional variations which go out in the North West; North East and Cumbria; Yorkshire and Lincs; West and East Midlands; the East; London and South East; and the combined South, West and South West.

Each regional programme can also be viewed on BBC iPlayer at

Notes to Editors

Brian Mawhinney was speaking to Late Kick Off in the North West. The content of the interview across the regions may vary.

Use of the above information/quotes should be credited to BBC Late Kick Off, Mondays on BBC One.


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