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Wednesday 29 Oct 2014

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Pat and Peggy fight over a new love interest in Albert Square

Harvey Freeman (Martin Jarvis) with Peggy (Barbara Windsor) and Pat (Pam St Clement)

Pat and Peggy come to logger heads again in BBC One's EastEnders when new love interest Harvey Freeman, played by Martin Jarvis OBE, arrives in Walford.

Harvey is a mysterious, sixty-something freelance journalist with a twinkle in his eye.

Working for the Walford Gazette, he soon has his hands full during the local elections with matriarchs Peggy and Pat both running for councillor.

He is a bit of a chancer, with an eye for the ladies, and both Peggy, played by Barbara Windsor, and Pat, played by Pam St Clement, fancy their chances for some romance.

Harvey first appears on our screens in May 2010.

On the outside, he appears a perfect gent and match for both Peggy and Pat, but in reality they may realise that what he has to offer is a pale comparison to the value of their friendship.

Martin's career has been varied and he has appeared in many TV series including Taking The Flak, Inspector Lynley, A Touch Of Frost, Doctor Who, The Bill and Micawber.

His film roles include Titanic.

Speaking of joining EastEnders, Martin Jarvis says: "I'm absolutely thrilled to be a potential thorn between two roses, working with two actresses I greatly admire and have had the pleasure of working with before.

"I'm delighted to be reunited with Pam and Barbara and to have a part in EastEnders."

Diederick Santer, Executive Producer, EastEnders, adds: "I'm delighted that the wonderful and charming Martin Jarvis will be joining us in Walford, and I can't wait to see his scenes with Barbara and Pam."


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