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Wednesday 24 Sep 2014

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BBC Russian tours universities in St Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Moscow and Voronezh

BBC journalism and innovative multimedia content are the focus of the BBC Russian University Tour across four Russian cities.

Between Monday 1 and Friday 12 March, BBC Russian is holding a series of events at universities and major libraries in St Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Moscow and Voronezh.

During these events, BBC Russian will showcase the best of BBC Russian journalism, including new ways of reaching audiences by using the latest technologies, and engage young audiences in live debates.

BBC journalism is the leading theme of the university tour.

Senior BBC Russian journalists – including Head of BBC Russian, Sarah Gibson, and Managing Editor, Dmitry Shishkin – will conduct masterclasses for students at St Petersburg State University, Ural State University, Moscow State University and Voronezh State University.

Sarah Gibson comments: "We want to engage with future Russian journalists on the changing shape of the global media and global audiences, and the challenges and opportunities these changes pose for broadcasters such as the BBC.

"We also want to share the BBC's editorial values and standards, and discuss the special journalism language resource we have created – and are constantly updating – for those writing in Russian."

The BBC is meeting audiences in St Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Moscow and Voronezh face-to-face, to talk about innovations introduced in its output over the past few years.

These include multiplatform broadcasting and availability of multimedia content via mobile phones, embedded video and audio on, podcasts and presence on online social networks and blogging sites.

While original news and information programmes such as Pyatiy Etazh have given a new dimension to the BBC Russian radio, its established popular programmes, such as BBSeva, and content such as Learning English, are successfully using new broadcast technologies to better engage with audiences.

Sarah Gibson adds: "We see ourselves at the forefront of Russian-language international news broadcasting – particularly in terms of the issues we explore and our focus on, bringing a Russian perspective to international news events, and a global perspective to Russian news. We believe this is unique in the Russian media landscape.

"We also stand out in terms of the innovation and technology we use, and the added value we aim to bring to our audience through developments such as interactivity, Learning English, and resources for journalists."

Dmitry Shishkin adds: "BBC Russian has changed significantly over the last few years, not in its editorial approach, but in the way it's reaching Russian audiences. It's no longer 'heritage' radio but a serious multiplatform broadcaster.

"As we showcase the best of our new content to young audiences in Russia's top academic centres, we also want to make them part of this output."

The flagship interactive programme, Vam slovo (Have Your Say), presented by Yevgenia Mineyeva and Anna Dementyeva, will engage the audiences in four centres in live debates:

  • in St Petersburg: The role of younger generation in politics
  • in Yekaterinburg: How can you modernise Russia?
  • in Moscow: Virtual and real life: internet pros and cons
  • in Voronezh: Online journalism: global and local media

BBC Russian is also showcasing its online Learning English content at each location.

The events participants in universities and libraries can sample the BBC Russian Learning English interactive video and audio courses and a wealth of cultural and historical information about English-speaking nations.

Notes to Editors

BBC Russian is a multimedia broadcaster offering radio and online content to Russian-speaking audiences, with up-to-the-minute news, features and analysis.

The BBC Russian radio programmes are streamed online via and are broadcast on shortwave, on medium wave in Moscow (1260 MW), St Petersburg (1260 MW) and Yekaterinburg (666 MW), and are available direct to home through Hotbird 2 satellite.

The 24/7 website offers news and information in text, audio and video.

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