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Wednesday 24 Sep 2014

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Missing series two: Felix Scott is DC Jason Doyle

From filming in the 90-degree heat of Morocco with Leonardo DiCaprio to the chill of the windswept Dover coast in Missing – it has been a memorable 12 months for Felix Scott who plays ambitious young detective Jason Doyle.

Says Felix: "Swimming in the pool in Morocco watching Leonardo DiCaprio go through his lines, and all I could think was that I'm just a boy from Wandsworth. I realised that it was going to be something very special. If I never get the opportunity to be in a film again, which I hope I will, I will always remember that."

Felix has, he says modestly, a small but potentially pivotal role for the plot in Christopher Nolan's new film Inception starring DiCaprio.

"To be brutally honest, I didn't think I stood a chance of getting the part and then when I got it I just thought it would be a day in Surrey or Pinewood which would have been lovely.

"My role, however, ballooned from one line, in what was kept as a very secret script even from the actors, to five days filming in Morocco, chasing Leonardo's character around the streets and trying to kill him.

"They had me in a designer suit and it was 90 degrees first thing in the morning. Once I had run up and down the road twice I was seriously sweating. It was a real battle for the make-up team to cool me down. I must have lost a few pounds!"

However, while he may have lost weight, Felix certainly gained some new female friends.

Laughs Felix: "I have never been so popular and had so many friends – even my mother was asking me for Leonardo's telephone number! A lot of people wanted to know what he was like – and I can say he was an absolute gentleman. I was so impressed watching him work, I thought he was incredible."

In the new series of Missing, Felix's character Jason has matured into his role in the Missing Person's Unit and is now up for promotion.

"Jason was very rough and ready when he started in the MPU and now he is much more focused. He wants to be more involved in the department and he has the vision of becoming a sergeant. I think you are starting to see a decent officer develop – although he still has the ability to blow up and be a bit unprofessional at times!

"I love playing him because he is brash and confident, and the beauty of it is that he thinks he is a lot better than he actually is – so there is a bravado that goes with it. He is not the finished article, but he probably thinks that he is.

"I like to imagine that he probably still lives with his mum and sleeps in a single bed and has a Superman duvet!"

"He's a lovely character and a joy to play. We have seen a real development in his relationship with MJ. He is not at loggerheads with her now. There is a partnership which has grown between them and a professional understanding which doesn't overstep the mark and he has a huge amount of respect for her and her work.

"That is something which is not difficult to play, because I feel exactly the same way about Pauline Quirke. She's brilliant, and gives so much to the series and I'm sure she is the reason we are doing a second series. She is fantastic!"

Despite Jason's fast-track career development, shocking events take their toll on him in the new series.

Says Felix: "Events are certainly challenging for Jason this time around, and factors outside his control start to really affect him. This series you see him unravel and lose control. He will even start to question whether he can hack it as a policeman."

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