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Wednesday 29 Oct 2014

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BBC Sheffield surveys Doncaster mayoral system

A specially commissioned BBC survey suggests that almost 90% of people in Doncaster do not know the name of their elected mayor – and the majority want to get rid of the system altogether.

BBC Radio Sheffield commissioned the survey to find out what people think of the way Doncaster is run after a year of turmoil for the town.

Doncaster became one of the first places to adopt an elected mayor in 2002.

BBC Sheffield political reporter James Vincent said: "We commissioned this survey because we wanted to assess what kind of impact the mayoral system has had in Doncaster as all councils in the country have to decide on whether they also want to adopt such a system.

"We want to look at the positives and negatives and – before the election – ask whether more and more councils will soon get elected mayors."

Gfk NOP interviewed 500 people and their findings suggest that:

  • 87.4% could not name their mayor
  • 53.6% would vote the system out given the chance
  • 62.6% of people want a cabinet of councillors rather than a mayor
  • 43% think Doncaster has become a better place to live over the last eight years
  • 55.2% say they're confident they know how the mayoral system works

BBC Sheffield will investigate the mayoral system on Bigger At Breakfast with Toby Foster and online, Monday to Friday next week (22-26 February).

The survey will also be featured on BBC Look North.

Notes to Editors

GfK NOP interviewed 500 people by telephone in the Doncaster area between 4 and 7 January 2010. Data has been weighted to bring it in line with the local population.


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