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Wednesday 29 Oct 2014

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Top 10 facts you didn't know about EastEnders 25th anniversary live episode

A selection of EastEnders characters over the last 25 years

Tune in to the EastEnders live episode on Friday 19 February on BBC One at 8.00pm and celebrate 25 years of EastEnders.

  • An average episode of EastEnders has four camera operators, the live episode will have 36 camera operators
  • There are 13 make-up artists, 12 dresses and 16 props people for the live episode
  • 7,500 metres of cable from two outside broadcast trucks will link all the technical equipment together
  • 51 members of cast will be taking part in the live episode
  • Three golf buggies will be whizzing cast from one set to another. The shortest length of time an actor has to get from one set to another is 2 minutes 11 seconds
  • There has been one read through, two full dress rehearsals, three full days of rehearsals and a technical rehearsal in the lead up to the big day
  • There are 10 suspects but none of the cast know "whodunnit", the actor/actress will find out they are the killer 30 minutes before the episode goes live
  • Executive Producer Diederick Santer came up with the "whodunnit" idea a year ago; it has taken nine months of planning to get the episode live on air
  • There will be more than 400 shots in the live episode
  • Switch over to BBC Three after the live show to watch cast interviews, behind-the-scenes footage plus the moment the actor/actress is told they're the killer

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