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Sunday 13 Jul 2014

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Hayley and Mark are next to leave So You Think You Can Dance

Hayley Newton

BBC One's So You Think You Can Dance stepped up a gear and the final ten dancers were pushed to the limit, performing in couples, solo, whole group and boys-and-girls group routines in a bid to win your vote.

Robbie & Charlie's highly emotional lyrical routine left all the judges visibly moved with Sisco choked as he delivered his critique.

After performing in hip-hop, contemporary and salsa routines in the third live show, viewer votes left Hayley & Mandy and Mark & Tommy having to "dance for their lives" in front of the judges.

The four gave their all in the final 30-seconds to save their space in the competition, and judges chose to eliminate Hayley & Mark, saving Mandy & Tommy.

Of the girls' final dance, Nigel Lythgoe said: "The judges are unanimous – unanimous in believing it's getting tougher every week too. I can say there's very little difference between the two of you but we have to make a decision so we've done that."

"Mandy, you're a mature dancer. We think you've got great strength. We think you understand the demands of this show and we think for us you won't always meet the demands of this show."

"Hayley, we thought you were absolutely fantastic last week with your routine and just shone. And this week we don't quite understand why you're here in the bottom two. But in this show you have to highlight your strengths and not expose your weaknesses and I guess you've exposed some of your weaknesses this week.

"I have known your family for many years. It was in 1968 that your dad left The Young Generation leaving an opening in that group for me. Without that I probably wouldn't be here now. Because of that history it's even more difficult for me to say, Hayley, you're leaving the show."

Mark Calape

Of the boys' final dance, Nigel said: "Again the judges are unanimous with the decision. We're all terribly upset that our two hip-hop dancers are here.

"The great thing about this show is that we can take kids from the street, they don't have to be formally trained and we can put them through their paces. It's amazing what you can learn and do and certainly both of you have been extremely exciting in what you've done so far. Unfortunately the public have made the decision and one of you is going home tonight."

"Tommy, you have a great warmth about you and somehow that gets you through routines as well. We just warm to you. It's difficult, though, that you have to pick up steps you're not accustomed to doing but we think you're doing it well.

"Mark, the same with you: we don't feel as though you've grown as much as Tommy, and we are going to be sending Amico his daddy home this evening."

After her elimination, Hayley said: "The whole experience has been amazing. It's truly been an honour to be up here. Thanks so much for letting me be part of it."

After his elimination, Mark said: "I feel that I'm blessed. I hope I have inspired people to know that you can come from the streets and make it on the stage."

The results show had performances from JLS, and a group dance featuring all ten finalists to Pump It choreographed by Simon Osyea.

Next week the remaining four couples will be performing to remain in the competition.


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