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Wednesday 29 Oct 2014

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The Vancouver Games on the BBC: the team

View of east-central Vancouver, with coastal range mountains in background, and two Olympic venues in middle. BC Place on the left will host the Opening and Closing ceremonies. GM Place (or Canada Hockey place) in the centre, will host the hockey events during the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics (officially known as the XXI Olympic Winter Games). copyright Arlene Gregorius/BBC

Ceremonies (Opening and Closing) – Hazel Irvine, Robin Cousins, Kerrin Lee-Gartner

Biathlon – Rob Walker

Bobsleigh – Paul Dickenson, Colin Bryce

Cross Country – Rob Walker

Curling – Steve Cram, Rhona Martin

Figure Skating – Robin Cousins, Sue Barker

Freestyle Skiing – Ed Leigh

Ice Hockey – Bob Ballard, Brent Pope

Luge – Paul Dickenson, Colin Bryce

Nordic Combined – Rob Walker

Skeleton – Paul Dickenson, Colin Bryce

Skiing – Graham Bell, Matt Chilton, Kerrin Lee-Gartner, Alain Baxter (Slalom only)

Ski Jumping – Paul Dickenson

Snowboarding – Ed Leigh

Speed Skating – Hugh Porter, Wilf O'Reilly

Presentation team – Sue Barker, Hazel Irvine (Vancouver), Clare Balding (Whistler)

Reporters – Matthew Pinsent (Vancouver), Lizzie Greenwood-Hughes (Whistler), Vassos Alexander and Eleanor Oldroyd (5 Live), Anna Thompson, Oliver Williams, Rob Hodgetts (BBC Sport Online)

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