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Wednesday 27 Aug 2014

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A History Of The World from Scotland

Dolly the Sheep

Billy Connolly's banana boots, Dolly the Sheep, the earliest surviving Scottish banknote and the oldest football in the world are just some of the objects launched today in the Scottish part of an exciting new project – A History Of The World – featuring 60 objects from across Scotland.

A History Of The World is a unique partnership between the BBC, the British Museum and 350 museums and other collections across the UK.

Part of the project includes the creation of a digital museum of world history using objects which have both local and global resonances to tell a history of the world.

Billy Connolly's banana boots were made by the renowned artist John Byrne for Billy's play The Great Northern Welly Boot Show in 1972, a satire on the Upper Clyde Shipbuilders work-in. This was Billy's big break and, as a result, he has become one of Scotland's biggest international stars and icons of popular culture.

BBC Project Manager for A History of the World in Scotland, Angela Roberts, said: "We hope everyone can get involved by uploading pictures of their objects to the BBC's A History Of The World website from Monday, January 18, to help tell the story of Scotland's influence on the world and, in turn, the world's influence on Scotland.

"Maybe there's something lurking in your loft or that takes pride of place on your mantelpiece – or something in your community that will help create a legacy for future generations to understand more about the part Scotland has played in the world.

"It could be a ticket from an international football match or a family heirloom such as a teapot – as long as it has both Scottish and world significance.

"Some of the objects may have monetary value but others little or none – nonetheless, they're priceless in how they bring to life moments from history."

From tomorrow, Tuesday 19 January, BBC Radio Scotland's daily arts programme The Radio Café will feature six special editions on one or more objects selected from the museums, with discussion representing different areas of Scotland and aspects of its distinctive history and issues.

The Radio Café will also feature a special edition on the Lewis Chessmen, one of the objects chosen for the landmark BBC Radio 4 series A History Of The World In 100 Objects, and preview a major exhibition featuring the Chessmen that will tour Scotland.

Past Lives, BBC Radio Scotland's interactive history magazine programme, will have six editions from February to March featuring some of the suggestions made by the public, and why they've chosen that particular object, with discussion of that object's significance with museum experts.

There will be a range of TV and radio programmes across the UK to accompany A History Of The World including the Radio 4 series, broadcast from today (Monday 18 January).

The series, written and presented by Neil MacGregor, Director of the British Museum, will feature 100 objects from the British Museum's collection and will tap into the unique power of objects to tell stories and make connections across the globe.

The project also includes:

  • a 13-part CBBC series, based on objects from the British Museum, Relic: Guardians Of The Museum, broadcast from January 2010;
  • large-scale activity across the Nations and English regions, beginning with programming inspired by an initial set of museum objects on each BBC Local site that tell both local and global stories connected with that region;
  • an exciting and interactive digital proposition live from 18 January at;
  • plus an invitation to audiences to add objects they own to create a unique digital museum online.

The important legacy of A History Of The World will be secured through the website and through the work and partnerships across the Nations and English Regions.

Scottish museums and the public can now upload their own objects to create a digital museum for future generations at, which has been launched today with around 700 objects from across the UK with more being uploaded all the time.

The objects are from museums representing six areas across Scotland including Glasgow, Edinburgh, the Highlands and Islands, North-East/N Isles, Tayside and Central, and the South of Scotland.


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