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Wednesday 24 Sep 2014

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Rock & Chips: Peckham 1960 – Who's who

l-r: Boycie (Stephen Lloyd), Del (James Buckley), Denzil (Ashley Gerlach), Trigger (Lewis Osborne) and Jumbo Mills (Lee Long)

The Trotters

Ted, grumpy patriarch of the Trotter family – Phil Daniels
Reg, Joan's drink-loving, work-shy husband – Shaun Dingwall
Joan, Reg's glamorous, the neighbours might say tarty, wife – Kellie Bright
Del Boy, Joan and Reg's teenage son – James Buckley

Returning from HMP Dartmoor

Freddie 'The Frog' Robdal, charming villain just released from prison – Nicholas Lyndhurst
Gerald 'Jelly' Kelly, Freddie's toughguy, safe-blowing mate – Paul Putner

Ritz Cinema

Ernie Raynor, manager and Joan's lecherous boss – Robert Daws

Del Boy's mates

Trigger, always gets the joke, eventually! – Lewis Osborne
Boycie, one of the lads but a bit on the tight side – Stephen Lloyd
Denzil, new to town but with great contacts at the dockyards – Ashley Gerlach
Albie Littlewood – Jonathan Readwin
Jumbo Mills – Lee Long
Roy Slater, officious school prefect – Calum MacNab
Glenda and Pam, good looking schoolmates of Del Boy – Katie Griffiths and Jodie Mooney

The Nag's Head

Don, burly landlord – Bobby Bragg
Val, barmaid and Reg Trotter's 'bit of stuff' – Alison Pargeter

Joan's friends

Reenie Turpin, Ritz employee and Joan's friend – Emma Cooke
Clayton, Reenie's Jamaican boyfriend – Roger Griffiths

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