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Wednesday 24 Sep 2014

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Christopher Biggins to be guest presenter on Radio Devon

Christopher Biggins will co-present a show on BBC Radio Devon this weekend.

Biggins, who is currently appearing in Aladdin at the Theatre Royal in Plymouth, will join Michael Chequer to host a show between 9.00am and 12noon tomorrow (Saturday 16 January).

The three-hour programme will be based around Biggins' life, favourite music and some guests. 

Listeners will be able to chat to Biggins as he picks his favourite songs.

Managing Editor of BBC Radio Devon, Mark Grinnell, said: "We're very excited that Biggins will be on the station.

"He is the latest in a line-up of great locally-connected celebrity guests who have joined the presenting team at BBC Radio Devon in the last few months, including Tony Blackburn and Charles Nove. 

"Biggins was very popular when he was a guest on the Judi Spiers programme before Christmas so we're very excited that he's going to come back and do a full show with Michael."


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