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Wednesday 24 Sep 2014

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Tinga Tinga Tales: Tingatinga Arts Co-operative Society

Tinga Tinga Tales

The Tingatinga Arts Co-operative Society (TACS) in Dar es Salaam was the visual inspiration for Tinga Tinga Tales – a lively and bustling collective of Tanzanian artists painting wonderful animals in bright colours with an intricate use of pattern and design.

Tinga Tinga artists are currently working every day with Tiger Aspect's animators, developing their unique and vibrant artworks in new and exciting directions.

The collective grew from the work of one man – Eduardo Saidi Tingatinga – in the Seventies. Now there are 700 Tinga Tinga artists in Tanzania and TACS represents almost 100 of these.

The original Tinga Tinga family from South Tanzania sits at the organisation's very heart. Members of TACS have taught many artists who have gone on to become recognised masters in the genre. Some painters have moved to other parts of Tanzania and even abroad. No matter where these artists reside they remain linked to each other and to their homeland by family, friendship and, of course, their beautiful artwork.

After more than 40 years a vibrant Tinga Tinga community has emerged and established itself as an original Tanzanian cultural tradition.

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